English Exams For International Students

English Exams For International Students

English Placement Exam Information for International Students:
Date: February 21, 2023
Time: 13:00
Mode of Examination: Online
Exam Environment: Işık University Blackboard (https://isikuniversity.mrooms.net/) (in computer) & Zoom (in phone)
Blackboard exam class name: Placement Test 2023
Zoom link: To be shared later via email.

* Make sure you can use your Işık email and check it frequently. Write to bdb@isikun.edu.tr for your email problems
* Make sure you can log in to the Işık U. Blackboard (https://isikuniversity.mrooms.net) website. In case of problems, get help from uzem.destek@isikun.edu.tr
* Make sure you have Zoom installed on your phone
* Make sure that your computer and Internet are at an adequate level. 

Those who are successful in this exam will be eligible to take the Proficiency Exam, which consists of a written and a separate Speaking test. The Proficiency Exam will also be held online the following day. The results of the Placement Test and the details of the Proficiency Exam will be posted below this announcement. Please follow this announcement. 


For detailed information about the exams: https://www.isikun.edu.tr/en/academic/sfl/exams
Preparatory School website: https://www.isikun.edu.tr/en/academic/sfl

For questions about the exam: sflinfo@isikun.edu.tr

Following students are going to take the Proficiency Exam on Wednesday. Please, check your emails for Zoom information. Blackboard exam place is "Exit Exam 2023". The exam timetable is given on the exam place homepage in Blackboard. 
1 22ARCH1056
2 22BMED1038
3 22MISY1049
4 22PSYC1088
5 22SOFT1072
6 22BUSI1063
7 22SOFT1075

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