Faculty of Art,
Design and Architecture



Our Faculty; with a contemporary, innovative and transdisciplinary Design School identity; aims to enable students to develop the knowledge and skills they need to be successful and to contribute to the rapidly changing life and society.

Students collaborate with their peers, industry partners and design communities around the world, have a unique educational opportunity in the multifaceted environment of Istanbul, an art, design and business center not only in our country but also globally.

The Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture has adopted the mission of raising contemporary and enlightened individuals with design-oriented problem solving skills in order to meet the most urgent needs of society with interdisciplinary and real-life problems. By synthesizing art, science and technology, we are standing as a role model. In this context; Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture are intersted in new fields of study and new definitions such as new media, alternative spaces, virtual/augmented reality, parametric architecture, interaction design, service design with an interdisciplinary approach.

In addition to gaining proficiency in the preferred fields of study, one of our most fundamental goals is to provide our students become well-equipped intellectual leaders with double major and minor opportunities among departments. We work with an internationally respected and distinguished teaching staff in their fields, with the main principle of equipping our students with a versatile for design theory and practice.

With the culture of the Feyziye Schools Foundation for more than 130 years, in line with Atatürk's principles, we design and shape the future with our students, who are modern, secular and hardworking brilliant individuals with high ethical values.

Prof. Ö. Osman Demirbaş, PhD