Faculty of Economics Administrative and Social Sciences


About Faculty

The Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences consists of the Department of Management, the Department of Economics and the Department of International Relations.

The Department of Management offers a B.A. in Management, International Trade, International Logistics Management, Accouting and Auditing, the Department of Economics offers a B.A. in Economics and the Department of International Relations offers a B.A. in International Relations and Political Science. The double-major programs currently offered are: Economics-Management, Economics-International Relations, Economics-Mathematics, Management-International Relations, Management-Industrial Engineering, and Management-Information Technologies.

The programs are designed so that students acquire the essential information in their subjects and basic professional skills. The departmental and non-departmental elective courses offered provide students with the opportunity to follow their own interests. Students are encouraged to enroll in double major or minor programs. This will ensure students are educated in a multi-disciplinary framework with a solid foundation that responds to developments in today's labour markets.

The Faculty aims to provide our students with the information, creativity, and self-confidence, in a dynamic and interactive environment, that is necessary for a successful working life.