Rector's Message

Rector's Message

Greetings from Işık University,
At Işık University, we are preparing the future.
We are also preparing for the future at Işık University.
We are obliged to do it.

We live through a period of innovation that is immense and, in terms of its consequences, very broad. This period we are in is different from previous innovation periods: this period indicates that innovation will continue with great intensity in near future.

This era has transformed innovation into a way of life, and we can see only the tip of the iceberg.

At IU, we are preparing this future.
And we are preparing for the future at IU.
Because we must.

It is our endeavor, desire, and most importantly success to transform the future and educate those who create the future transformation in this university.

We train innovators and prepare them as individuals who will build the future.

They present theories, methods, in short, inventions based on their education, knowledge, skills, and intuition they have developed, and they will be the creators and masters of change.

Based on the 138-year-old Feyziye Schools Foundation's principle of 'raising good people' and with the great leader Atatürk's emphasis on the fact that "our true mentor in life is science", IU undertakes the duty and responsibility of becoming a university to shape the 21st century.

We train creative, innovative, and entrepreneurial people of the near future in all branches of science, without separating any branch of science from the other, with an interdisciplinary approach, in joint programs, learning to learn, and project applications.

With a modular and integrated education model, common core curriculum, and foreign language teaching with a brand-new insight, IU is building the future via its students.

We wish to meet students who have the ambition and will to build the future in the productive environment created by a unique campus...

Prof. Hasan Bulent KAHRAMAN
President of FMV Işık University

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