Research implies scientific activities performed to produce context-based, target-oriented discoveries and knowledge meeting the needs of the society at present time.The scholarly approach is to share discoveries, proofs, excerpts, and technical results with others by publishing them in journals and by presenting them at scientific conferences. Since Işık University was founded, its faculty has adopted the tradition of scientific publishing as a standard of academic life. Institutional processes and infrastructure have supported this tradition. Within all the scientific research conducted at Işık University, the aim is to produce results that will benefit society and humanity. Işık University has a solid reputation for its high caliber research and academic excellence, not only among foundation universities but also among all Turkish universities.

Research and its related topics can be purely scientific or it can meet the needs of a particular industry. In academia, "pure research," "applied research," and "economic, social, technological and cultural research" interact with each other. Pure research generally forms a base for the applied research, but in some cases the opposite is true.

In the research programs conducted or planned at various departments at Işık University, the main approach is utilizing the latest technology and producing practical results. The purpose and usefulness of each project is explained in detail.

Information related to academic publications, citations, and ongoing research projects is provided in this section.

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