Registrar's Office

Registrar's Office


Sile Campus
Associate Degree: 444 07 99 | 7033
Bachelor's Degree: 444 07 99 | 7035
Scholarships 444 07 99 | 7036
Document Transactions: 444 07 99 | 7032 

Maslak Campus 
Associate Degree: 444 07 99 | 6033
Bachelor's Degree: 444 07 99 | 6031
Graduate Schools: 444 07 99 | 6032 

Our Mission is to ensure effectiveness, continuity, efficiency and satisfaction in services and processes; to provide accurate, fast and up-to-date information to students, academic and administrative units, and external stakeholders; to maintain our pioneering and exemplary "Student Affairs" status at national/international level with our qualified services that support the mission of IŞIK University. 

Our Vision is to serve our stakeholders to the best national and international standards. 

Based on its mission and vision, the Department of Student Affairs serves as the unit where all kinds of academic and personal information about associate, undergraduate and graduate students are collected. It is available both on Şile and Maslak Campuses between 08.30 - 17.00 on working days.  

Our offices are open during lunch hours.  

Within the scope of its primary duties and based on the relevant legislation, our unit carries out all student related transactions such as admission of new students, preparation and announcement of course and exam schedules, follow-up of enrollment and withdrawal procedures, determination and announcement of final exam dates, classrooms and midterm exam classrooms according to the dates specified in the Academic Calendar, graduation and post-graduation office procedures, issuance of student ID cards, follow-up and announcement of decisions regarding scholarships, daily student transactions, and issuance and delivery of student documents (student certificates, transcripts, etc.).  

Our unit works in harmony with Academic and Administrative Units, ensuring the regular execution of the planned education and training process, providing secure and fast information-document service to students, prospective students, graduates, faculty, and the institutions we serve, using advanced information and technologies, and managing the processes by prioritizing the satisfaction of students, faculty, and other employees. 

Our unit provides the support, guidance and consultancy services required in all academic units, departments, and programs of the University in tasks related to its expertise.  

 We help students to enjoy a peaceful and successful student life both on and off campuses and lead them to get consultancy from the relevant people when necessary. 

 We become the honorary parents of our students who are included in our educational family by guiding them in their university life. We have adopted the mission of acting as a bridge between students, student families and other units of the university. 

 Our office is responsible for the fulfillment of all relevant transactions of students studying at our university in accordance with the laws and regulations throughout their higher education. 

 For announcements, the Student Information System, official university e-mail addresses provided by our university, official web page and the boards at the entrance of the Student Affairs Office are used.  Messages are posted to the registered home addresses when necessary, and in case of emergency, the relevant individuals are contacted by phone. 

Important Note; Confidentiality of Student Information 

  • In accordance with the policies of our university and legal regulations, all personal and academic information of our students is confidential.  
  • This information can only be shared with third parties and institutions with the permission of the student. This includes the student's parents and non-related university employees (except with the approval of the Rector's Office).  
  • This principle is disregarded only when required by law or in case of accidents, health emergencies or emergencies where there is a possibility of harm to oneself or others. 
  • Students can access their academic and personal information through the University's Student Information System with their individual passwords. Parents can obtain information directly from their children. 
Student Affairs Department 


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