Sports at Işık University
Sports Facilities
Considering the positive impact of sports on academic achievement, Işık University has valued building sports areas on its campuses where students can enjoy a wide variety of sports activities. Especially thanks to the location of Şile Campus, students have the opportunity to do outdoor sports as well as indoor sports.
Işık University Şile Campus has many indoor and outdoor sports facilities for students to enjoy. 
Students can participate in volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiards, martial arts, and fitness activities in the gym. In addition, they can carry out sportive activities on the astroturf field, tennis court, basketball, volleyball, and beach volleyball courts.

In addition to outdoor sports fields, a fitness center and a semi-Olympic swimming pool are available on Maslak Campus. 

Our Sports Fields
  • A gym with 5 dressing rooms and 2 fitness halls for cardio and conditioning exercises 
  • An outdoor basketball court,
  • A volleyball court,
  • An outdoor tennis court,
  • A football field (multi-purpose field),
  • A small size astroturf,
  • Table tennis halls,
  • Pool tables,
  • Tent campground,
  • Semi-Olympic indoor swimming pool on Maslak Campus

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