E-Mail Information Guide For New Students

E-Mail Information Guide For New Students

Welcome to Işık University

An e-mail account is given to all registered students, in the format of name.surname@isik.edu.tr. If there are 2 students with the same name and surname, the newly registered student is given an account in the format of name_surname@isik.edu.tr.

The Işık University e-mail account given in Campus-online will be used for communicating with academic and administrative units, all announcements and activity announcements sent by the university, communications within the university and for course registration and grading systems. Thus it is important for you to check your e-mails regularly.

You can access your e-mail account by clicking on "Webmail" link found on the Işık University main web page http://www.isikun.edu.tr and by entering your user name and password in the "Student e-mail" section. In order to change your webmail password, you can obtain information about changing passwords by clicking on the "Webmail Password Change and Directing Guide" found in the same section. In addition, the same page contains information about accessing e-mails via mail client programs like Outlook, Thunderbird, etc.

You can use the e-mail address given to you after graduation. Thus you will not be severed from Işık University and will be able to participate in the portal for graduated students.

For your security, do not share your e-mail password.

We wish you a good academic year.
IT department.

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