Construction Services Unit

Our unit aims to prepare the application projects of buildings and facilities in line with the vision, mission, core values and strategic goals of our university, efficiently plan renovation projects, prepare, manage and supervise feasibility, research, cost, tender, and other technical documentations, ensure the maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems throughout the existing facility, and ensure the efficient operation of the systems, while carefully monitoring the system maintenance and repair processes.

Technical Services Unit
We provide technical maintenance and repair services in academic buildings, classrooms, offices, social centers, service buildings, common areas, sports center, and dorms in Şile and Maslak campuses on a 24/7 basis. In addition, we are responsible for providing the necessary infrastructure in the activities and organizations of the faculty, units, clubs, held on Şile and Maslak campuses.

Contact us:
ŞILE: 444 0 799 / 5858 - 7281
MASLAK: 444 0 799 / 6060 - 7091

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