Security Administration

FMV Işık University Security Unit works on a 12/24 basis at the main entrance gates, entrances and exits, academic buildings, classrooms, social center, service buildings, common areas, and sports center on our Şile and Maslak campuses. In addition, it serves as a patrol duty and support unit in the dormitories on our Şile Campus. The unit monitors the camera and fire detection system throughout the campus.
Our students are admitted to the campuses with a card system at the main entrance gates. During the pandemic, HES codes were integrated into the mobile application and system and all inquiries were made at once with a card. 
Guest students and graduate students can enter the campuses by registering until 23.00 at night.

Our Security Unit is responsible for: 
  • Dealing any problems related to your personal safety,
  • Facility, building and campus security,
  • Assisting on issues within the local law enforcement,
  • Campus entrance-exit controls,
  • Implementation of Işık University Traffic Regulations,
  • Solving security problems, you encounter on the campus,
  • Other security related issues.

ŞİLE 444 0 799 / 5609 | 05313424412
MASLAK 444 0 799 / 6090 | 05313424421
You can contact us 24/7.

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