Internet Connection Guide For Students Staying In Dormitories


In order to connect to the Internet, students staying in the dormitories use their e-mail addresses in the format of as their user names and e-mail passwords provided by the Computer Center. The students enter the system by connecting to the Ethernet cable supplied for them. In the meantime, the system will assign an IP address to the user automatically and a hotspot screen to enter their user names and passwords will pop up when they want to access the Internet.

Students staying in the dormitories should register for the system by clicking on the "Add User" link on the web page once. For registration, the students should enter First Name, Last Surname, Dormitory-room information, Student ID Number, and e-mail address and passwords given by Işık University. MAC addresses (physical addresses) of users computers will be obtained by the system automatically and entered to the form. Students who do not know their e-mail addresses and/or passwords will not be able to browse the Web. Students can view the Işık University web page, e-mail page, and Campus Course Online pages without user name and passwords.