New Students

Compliance with Dormitory Living
  • Important steps in complying with life in dorms.
  • Get more information about dorms
  • Can I accommodate guests in my dorm room?
  • Cleaning time in dorms
  • Ironing, cooking, etc. in dorms
First, Meet Our Dormitories
  • Dorm info – who is who?
  • For what reasons may you go to the Disciplinary Board?
  • See Housing Commitment
  • Student's Guide (Blue Hand Manual), page 82, Housing Directive
  • How can one apply for dorms?
  • Application is made by filling out a dormitory application form obtained from Dormitory Directorship.

  • What are the requirements to stay in the dormitory?
  • Acceptance of dorm application.
    Preparation of necessary documents for dorm application and their submission to the Dormitory Directorship.
    Comply with dorm rules.

  • Fees (payment methods)
  • Dormitory fees must be paid on time. Relation with dormitory of those students who haven't paid the fee till the last day is cut.

  • Is it possible to change my room?
  • You can apply for room change by filling out a room change form distributed at the end of the first month of each semester.

  • Can I choose a roommate?
  • Roommate preference is asked on dormitory application forms and accommodated as much as possible.

  • How will placement be decided?
  • Placement is done according to the criteria determined by Board of Directors of Dormitories. Some of these criteria are residence address, scholarship status, status of Istanbul residency, health problems, etc.

  • Use of the Internet in dorms
  • A 150 Mbit Internet connection is used on our campus. To ensure its safe, controlled, and fair distribution, Internet access is provided using username and password.

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