What is Psychological Counseling?

What is Psychological Counseling?

What can I expect from Psychological Counseling?

Psychological counseling is the process of development and learning about yourself, feelings, relationships with others, etc. At any point in your life, a problem may appear, and its presence may start bothering you.

Like in all other development and other processes, you can complete the process of psychological counseling by actively participating, continuing sessions without interruptions, and being sincere and honest with your psychologist / psychological counselor.

A psychologist / psychological counselor will listen to you, make necessary evaluations, and start working with you by determining goals for you in the scope of privacy and a professional relationship.

At the first couple of sessions, information about your problems, feelings, behavior, aims, developmental stage, past, etc. will be collected. By evaluating this information with a holistic approach, a goal and working methods will be established and shared with you.

Getting psychological counseling support is a personal choice. You can talk to us in any case. You may figure out the best solution after a mutual talk, or when necessary, we can refer you to other units or appropriate sources. Services provided are free of charge.

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