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What are the admission requirements for Işık University?
The registration conditions of all academic units for Turkish citizens are listed in the application guide of the OSYM (Student Selection and Placement Centre) and on the website of our University. It is published on our website in the relevant periods. Registrations are completed via E-Devlet, online or in person. For international student admissions please visit:

Is there an option to get registered after the indicated registration dates?
Candidates who fail to complete their registration within the dates determined by the ÖSYM will lose their right to register. These dates are announced by the ÖSYM, and it is not possible for our university to make changes. In the event of an extension to the registration process as part of state policies, registration procedures can be carried out.

Can a relative of mine complete my university registration procedures for me?
Students must register in person. If the student is under the age of 18, one of the parents can act on their behalf.  Any other relative or person can complete the registration process with a power of attorney. For students over the age of 18, a notarized power of attorney must be obtained by the person performing the registration process. The individuals coming to register on behalf of the student must have their ID card with them.

Can I be a guest student/special student at your university?
Individuals who are graduates or students of a higher education institution and who wish to increase their knowledge in a specific subject can be accepted as special students for associate, undergraduate, and graduate courses with the approval of the relevant academic units. Special student status is not a direct educational status aimed at obtaining a degree and cannot exceed two semesters.
Individuals taking courses as special students cannot benefit from student rights. Applicants applying as special students for programs with an English language of instruction of 100% must meet the foreign language level conditions determined by the Senate. A document indicating the courses taken by special students and the grades obtained is provided. This document cannot be considered a graduation certificate or degree.
The institution may set an upper limit on the special student quotas for the offered courses. In the exemption procedures of successful courses taken by students who are admitted to graduate programs as special students, exempted courses cannot exceed 50% of the courses offered in the relevant graduate program. Fees to be collected from special students are determined by the University Board of Trustees.

The issue of special student status is governed by the regulations of the Council of Higher Education and Işık University.

Is there a quota for international students at Işık University?
For the academic year 2022-2023, we have a quota for international students. Admission of international students to our undergraduate and associate degree programs is conducted within the framework of the relevant regulations of the Council of Higher Education and the principles and quotas determined by the Senate. You can access the application dates and conditions for international student quotas under the Student Affairs Department and the International Student Office link on the www.isikun.edu.tr webpage.

Can I study at your university by taking the Transfer Exam (DGS)?
Our university admits students through transfer. You can find information about quotas and scores in the Transfer Guide prepared by OSYM and our quotas on the Student Affairs Department link under the www.isikun.edu.tr webpage. Quotas and conditions will be published in the 2022 DGS Guide.

Acceptance of students from a Turkish or foreign higher education institution whose equivalence has been determined by YÖK, or acceptance of students via transfer with a central score, is carried out within the framework of the "Regulation on Transfer at Associate and Undergraduate Level Among Higher Education Institutions," taking into account the principles and quotas determined by the Regulation.

Can I transfer to Işık University from another university?

Transfer quotas are announced at the beginning of each academic year and semester on the www.isikun.edu.tr webpage. Transfers for the 2022-2023 Academic Year for Fall and Spring will take place within the period specified in the 2022-23 Academic Calendar.

What is the language of instruction at the university?
The language of instruction is 100% Turkish in Turkish-medium undergraduate programs and 100% English in English-medium undergraduate programs. The language of education at the Vocational School is entirely Turkish. Students who register at the university must demonstrate their English proficiency to begin their education in English-language programs. Students who have this qualification are exempted from the English Preparatory Program and start their regular education.

Does the university offer Double Major and Minor programs?

Our university offers students the opportunity to obtain a second bachelor's degree in addition to their main undergraduate program, or to study in a minor program. Işık University undergraduate and associate degree students can enroll in "Double Major" and "Minor" programs if they meet the necessary requirements. Double major and minor quotas are announced every semester by the Academic Council on the official website.

Is there an Erasmus Program at the university?
The Erasmus program is a European Union Lifelong Learning (LLP) program aimed at promoting cooperation between higher education institutions. It provides financial support for higher education institutions to produce joint projects, implement them, and exchange students and staff for short periods. Additionally, the program aims to develop the higher education system in line with the needs of the business world and to increase the employability of university graduates by promoting relationships and cooperation between higher education institutions and work environments. Within the framework of the Erasmus program, bilateral cooperation agreements have been signed between Işık University and European higher education institutions whose links can be found on the university's website.

Is summer school mandatory at your university?
Attendance at summer school is optional, not mandatory.

Is there a dormitory at your university?
We have dormitories on Şile Campus.
You can find detailed information about the dormitories at the following link: http://www.isikun.edu.tr/yurtlar/sss.

In which region are the campuses of your university located? Which academic units are located on the campuses?
We have two campuses, Şile and Maslak.
In the Maslak Campus, we have our Graduate School and our Vocational School.
In the Şile Campus, we have our Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences, Faculty of Architecture, Art and Design, Faculty of Economics, Administrative and Social Sciences.

How can I access the regulations and directives of your university?
Our university regulations and directives are available on our official website and in our student handbook.
You can contact us for any kind of questions related to being a student.

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