Architectural Restoration Program

Architectural Restoration Program

Hakkında Program Purpose:

The aim of the architectural restoration program is to train well-equipped individuals who can work in the field of conservation of cultural real properties, which constitute a significant part of cultural heritage, and transferring them to future generations. The program aims to provide students with sufficient skills to conduct inventory studies of monumental buildings and civil architecture; to prepare building surveys, restitution proposals and restoration/reconstruction projects, and to act actively in the implementation of these projects. The language of instruction of the program is Turkish.

Scope of the Training:

In the theoretical and applied education program, students are trained on conservation concepts, understanding the factors that cause deterioration; basic principles and methods on restoration and conservation; wood and masonry material properties; building technology and construction; traditional building systems and elements, history of architecture and traditional crafts. In addition to this, they are offered courses on basic technical drawing; computer aided drawing; survey studies; preparation of restitution proposals and restoration / renovation projects and support of these drawing documentation and narrative methods with photographic and written documentation.

Individuals who wish to study in the architectural restoration program is expected to have a good sense of color and shape, the power to use their fingers and hands skillfully, and an aesthetic perception, interest in fine arts, and enjoy working outdoors.

In this program, students are offered courses titled "Architectural Drawing I and II", "Introduction to Computers", "Computer Aided Drawing", "Traditional Building System and Elements", "Measured Drawing I and II", "Architectural Decoration Techniques and Repair", "Historical Buildings", "Conservation and Restoration", "Basic Photography", "History of Architecture", "Fine Buildings I and II", "Construction Materials", "Restoration Projects I and II", "Renovation Applications" and "Discovery and Quantity". These courses are supported by elective courses such as "Architectural Decoration Drawing", "Conservation and Repair in Wall Paintings", "Wood Decoration Techniques", "Interior Solutions in Restoration", "Pattern Applications in Architectural Decorations", "Restoration Chemistry", "Computer Drawing: Advanced Applications", "Conservation and Repair in Mosaic", "Ancient Anatolian Architecture", "Introduction to Occupational Health and Safety" and "Computer Image Processing".

Job Opportunities:

Individuals who complete the program become architectural restoration associate degree program graduates. Graduates of the architectural restoration program are employed in the laboratories, construction sites and palaces of public (Ministry of Culture and Tourism, Restoration and Conservation Central Laboratory, Office of Surveying and Monuments, General Office of Foundations, museums, and palaces affiliated to the Department of National Palaces, etc.) and private institutions operating in restoration issues. They are employed as technical staff in addition to architects in their offices, restoration works carried out by foundations, private museums, archaeological excavation teams and construction sites.

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