Audiometry Program

Audiometry Program

Hakkında The Purpose of the Program:

The purpose of the audiometry program is to train health professionals who can detect hearing and hearing disorders. Students who want to enter the audiometry program should know that they are directly associated with the patient in this subject related to human health. Patient relations are of a special nature and require a meticulous and patient approach. Since audiology is a new and rapidly advancing discipline, individuals who choose this profession should have a very good level of professional performance and research desire.

The quality and accreditation in health services, which have gained significance especially in recent years, and the increase in the number of hospitals have increased the demand for a qualified healthcare team. Students will be able to rise to higher professional levels in time, depending on their success and self-improvement, as they receive basic information specific to health management as well as information about operating room services. The language of instruction of this program is Turkish.

Job Opportunities:

Those who complete the program become "audiometry associate degree program graduates". Graduates can work in audiology clinics of public or private hospitals under the supervision and auditing of an audiologist or ENT specialist. They can apply vestibular tests, work in schools for the deaf and hearing impaired and similar institutions. They can apply a hearing test to newborn babies in maternity clinics, and they can perform a hearing screening test at schools. They can also work in hearing aid companies.

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