Anesthesia Program

Anesthesia Program

Purpose of the Program:

Our anesthesia program trains anesthesia technicians who can prepare the patient for surgery before the surgery, support the anesthesiologist during the surgery, follow up the patient and monitor the post-operative patient process.

The content of the program consists of theoretical and practical components required for the training of qualified individuals who have professional competencies in international standards, who can work efficiently in a team, who are responsible, and aware of the principles of professional ethics, which are required by the anesthesiology and reanimation departments.

Parallel to the rapid development in surgical treatment methods, the need for anesthesiologists is increasing day by day, and the graduates of the program can work in all health institutions where surgery is performed. In addition, students can continue their undergraduate education in Emergency Aid and Disaster Management, Nursing, Nursing and Health Services departments via transfer exams.

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