Medical Documentation and Secretarial

Medical Documentation and Secretarial

Hakkında The Purpose of the Program:

The purpose of the medical documentation and secretarial program is to train the health personnel needed for compiling, arranging, and presenting the findings obtained from scientific research in various branches of medicine and health technology. Students can be promoted to higher professional levels depending on their achievements and self-development in time, as they receive basic information specific to health management as well as information about medical documentation and secretarial. The language of instruction of this program is Turkish.

Scope of the Training:

For developing health institutions today, medical secretaries have become important and obligatory team members The mission of our program, which meets this significant demand of the sector, is to undertake and maintain a leading role in the training of medical secretaries who have gained superior knowledge, skills, and competence. It provides training for students who have a life-long tendency to develop in line with the expectations and needs of the health sector, aim to make a difference, and have sufficient knowledge and skills in their field. Basic courses and courses such as Medical Terminology, Secretarial Services, Introduction to Health Management, Biostatistics, Public Health, Patient Relationship Management, Medical Documentation Techniques-1, Health Communication, Medical Deontology, Health Law and Legislation, Hospital Information Processing Systems, Presentation Techniques, First Aid are offered in order to enable the students to gain the ability to communicate effectively, work in a team, recognize and solve problems, in addition to professional knowledge and skills,

Job Opportunities:

Those who complete the program become "medical documentation and secretarial associate degree program graduates". They have the opportunity to work in all areas of the health sector. Due to the increasing importance and effectiveness of a profession, the opportunity to find a job is quite high. In addition to various units of private and public health institutions; outpatient treatment institutions, private health polyclinics, provincial health offices, medical research e-publishing companies, medical equipment companies, imaging centers and doctor's offices are also among the employment areas.

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