Computer Programming Program

Computer Programming Program

Purpose of the Program:

The era we live in is called the age of technology. The future is built based on technological developments. Rapid advancement of technology, especially since the 2000s, has started to influence every part of the world through globalization. These years are considered as the starting period when computer use has become widespread in the world and in Turkey. The fact that more users can access computers day by day, and the needs and transactions are carried out in digital environment naturally leads to more computer and software production. This situation has created the demand for a computer programmer and has increased this demand. Due to the high speed of change and development all over the world and the increase in the use of technology, the need for computer programmers continues to increase constantly despite the new programmers trained in this field. Every day new technology is developed offering new and effective solutions to human life and changing needs. Computer programmers produce this technology and service.

The computer programming program aims to collect information about the problems faced by business and social life and to train qualified and preferable employees who can develop algorithms and programs that can produce functional solutions for the problems encountered by processing this information.

Scope of the Training:

In the Computer Programming program, courses such as English, mathematics, database, software installation and management, web and internet programming, system analysis and design are taught with the aim of providing our students with the professional knowledge and skills required by the professional environment and raising graduates with a solution-oriented approach.

Students are obliged to strengthen their education in the second year and to do a sector internship where they will have the opportunity to practice. They will receive the title of "Computer Programmer" by completing the education, practice, and internships in the workplaces within the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Council of Higher Education.

Job Opportunities:

Graduates of the program have a wide range of job opportunities. They can find the opportunity to work at almost all public institutions, banks, and private sector businesses. The widespread use of the computer in all areas makes it easier for the employees in this profession to find a job and indicates that they will retain their qualifications for a longer period of time.

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