Foreign Trade Program

Foreign Trade Program

Purpose of the Program:

Today, the fact that international technology, product, and service transfer is much more accessible all over the world compared to previous years, has also increased international economic efficiency. Globally, many large and small businesses prefer international products and services both for the supply of semi-finished goods and for the supply of final goods that will directly meet the needs of the consumer. At the same time, the production of semi-finished and finished goods is carried out domestically and its transfer to the international economic environment makes a great contribution to the country's economy. Foreign trade program students receive training to identify trade opportunities for foreign markets and to perform import and export transactions based on the legal obligations.

Işık University Foreign Trade Program aims to train competent professionals required in this working environment. In this direction, it is aimed that the students who graduate from the program will be preferred employees in the sector with the educational background they will acquire in the fields of foreign trade legislation, foreign trade transactions, logistics, law, and foreign language.

Scope of the Training:

In the Foreign Trade program, in addition to the basic courses, the courses such as introduction to business, foreign trade applications, law, fundamentals of logistics, general mathematics, general accounting and professional foreign language are taught. We aim to provide our students with the professional knowledge and skills required by the working environment and to train professionals who have a solution-oriented approach and can use their written and verbal communication skills efficiently.

Students will receive the title of "Foreign Trade Personnel" by completing their education, practice and internships at their workplaces within the framework of the principles and procedures determined by the Council of Higher Education.

Job Opportunities:

Professional staff graduated from the Foreign Trade Program will be able to become professionals by taking initiatives in the fields of foreign trade and customs, as well as they will have the opportunity to work in foreign trade companies operating in the international trade field and in businesses from any sector engaged in foreign trade activities.

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