First and Emergency Aid Program

First and Emergency Aid Program

Purpose of the Program:

During the four-semester education period in this program, students gain professional knowledge, skills and attitudes through core courses and practices specific to areas such as emergency patient care, resuscitation, trauma and sports injuries, emergency health services, and ambulance training. In addition, they become a competent part of the health team by having taken general pharmacology, health psychology, ECG analysis, medical deontology, occupational health and safety introductory courses.

The program trains first and emergency technicians who can provide treatment and care at the scene in the event of an emergency disease or accident, and who can transport the patient and the injured to the health institutions by a well-equipped ambulance. Those who want to be a first and emergency aid technician should be interested in areas related to human health and be successful in these areas as well as be physically healthy and strong, able to make rapid and accurate decisions, be careful, calm with a strong sense of responsibility and effective communication skill.

Job Opportunities:

First and emergency aid technicians can work day and night in 112 emergency aid stations, 112 centers, public and private hospital emergency services. In addition, they can be employed in areas where first and emergency services are needed (search and rescue units of fire brigades within municipalities, private ambulance companies, private hospitals, private enterprises, sports events, airports, beaches, and pools if they receive lifeguard training).

Undergraduate programs in which the student who complete the first and emergency aid associate degree program can be transferred are:

  • Nursing
  • Nursing and Health Services
  • Emergency Aid and Disaster Management

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