Radio and Television Broadcasting Program

Radio and Television Broadcasting Program

The Purpose of the Program:

The program aims to meet the employee needs of radio and TV broadcasting and content producers. It is the priority of the program to train all kinds of technical staff that will be demanded by the production and post-production phases and studio broadcasts, and it benefits from modern technology, constantly renewed training program and qualified training staff to achieve this target. The language of instruction of the program is Turkish.

Scope of the Training:

In addition to offering basic courses such as audio and video technology, studio camerawork, animation, it is aimed to train qualified people who can work in related fields with courses such as radio and television broadcast systems, radio and TV program production technology, video recording and editing systems technique, and studio lighting techniques.

Job Opportunities:

Those who complete the program become "radio and television programming associate degree program graduates". They can work in television and radio channels, media organizations and production companies as broadcast assistant, assistant director, production assistant, server operator, graphic operator, archive staff, sound operator, cameraman, light operator, camera controller, broadcast operator, and transmission operator.

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