Graphic Design Department

Graphic Design Department

Hakkında Program Purpose:

Graphic Design Associate Degree Program aims to train specialized individuals who will conduct communication design in all kinds of media environments from TV and other mass media to the Internet, as well as work as technical staff who can produce in creative fields such as photography, video, interactive media design, animation. To achieve this goal, we benefit from the modern computer laboratory, the constantly updated training program, and most importantly, the qualified academic staff. The language of instruction of the program is Turkish.

Scope of the Training:

In addition to basic courses, students enroll in courses such as Basic Design Education, Basic Design Applications, Introduction to Graphic Design, Art History and Mythology, Text-Typography, Kinetic Typography, Design Computer, Desktop Publishing, Graphic Design Seminars, Design Theory and Research, Basic Photography, Photographic, Aesthetics and Design Philosophy, Graphic design Applications, interdisciplinary and Media Applications, 3D Modeling and Animation, Advertising Design, Graphics and Production, Motion Graphics and Design Practices, Theories of Mass Communication, Art, Design and Cyber Culture, Digital Image Processing, Graphic Design Cultural Coding Propaganda and Design, Visual Reading Methods , Text and Image, The Psychology of Visual Perception, Digital Portfolio and Presentation, Social Responsibility Practices, New Media, Semiotics, Creative Writing, Generic Design, Electronic Music and Visualization Design, Game Design, Campaign Visual Design, Urban Graphic Design, Videography, Exhibition and Presentation Design, Music-Video Production, Icon, Symbol and Logo Design, Font, Color and Movement at Graphic Design.

Job Opportunities:

Those who complete the program become "Graphic Design Associate Degree Program Graduates". They can find jobs in advertising agencies, media organizations and television channels, in all areas where visual design is used. In addition, the ever-growing commerce at the national and international level increases the demand for effective promotion to the market day by day, creating an ever-expanding working area for Graphic Designers.

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