Hakkında The Purpose of the Program:

The optics industry is a health sector that operates for the purpose of eliminating or alleviating visual impairments diagnosed by ophthalmologists and for the complete application of the treatment to the patient.

Graduates the opticianry program are called "opticians". Opticians are professional who can read prescriptions prepared by the physician for the correction or alleviation of vision disorders, supply optical equipment and who have received professional training to perform patient-specific applications based on the prescription.

As a result of the measurements, the opticians supply the appropriate glass and frame to the patient, bring them to the desired dimensions, assemble them and deliver the glasses prepared according to personal measurements to the patient.

Purpose of the Program:

The aim of the optics program is to equip students with basic optics knowledge so that they can understand and apply the operation of optics-related systems, learn the eye and human anatomy, choose, and install frames and glasses based on the prescription written by the physician, plan the management of a business, make cost calculations and business plans of the enterprises. The program aims to train opticians who have knowledge of public health, who are entrepreneurial and self-renewing, who adopt the philosophy of total quality, who know the environmental and social ethical values and responsibilities related to their profession, and who can observe the health and safety measures of their profession.

Scope of the Training:

To provide our students with the professional knowledge and skills required by today's health industry, to have creative qualities, to be successful in teamwork, to renew themselves, and to use their written and verbal communication information effectively in solving problems; courses such as Anatomy and Physiology of the Eye, Physics-Geometric Optics 1 and 2, Opticians 1-2 and 3, Use of Optical Instruments, Visual Optics and Refraction, Ophthalmology, Business Administration, Applied Training 1 and 2, Optical Laboratory, Use of Optical Instruments, Contact Lenses are offered, in addition to the basic courses.

Students reinforce their vocational training by doing internships in optics stores, where they have the opportunity to practice. Internships are implemented based on the principles and procedures determined by the Council of Higher Education, and students who graduate from the program receive the title of Optician.

In this program, education is offered in two forms as formal and evening education. The language of education is Turkish, and the duration of the education is 2 years.

Job Opportunities:

Students who complete the program with the title of optician can establish their own optical shops or work as a responsible manager in optics establishments. In addition, opticians can also work in businesses that make and sell eyeglasses.

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