First-Week To-Do List

It is strongly recommended to do the following during your first week at the University:
  • Participate in orientation programs.
  • Learn who is your academic adviser and the location of his room.
  • Adjust your social life according to your schedule. Classes certainly must take priority.
  • If you stay in the dorms, read Living Guide from the book or Internet.
  • If you stay in the dorms, meet the dorm assistant of your dorms.
  • Meet friends from senior courses and learn about classes.
  • You will see that you have fewer classes per day during the first year of University compared to high school (except preparatory schools). Some days you will have one or two classes, and maybe some days will be free. The majority of what you needed to do for high school classes was done in class, but at University, you will do only about 15% in class, so you will need to complete the rest, 85%, outside the class. That's why you must plan your extra-curricular time carefully.
  • Take/request syllabi from your teachers, and take them into account when planning your time.
  • Continue to go to class.
  • Go to bed before 1:00AM. You are now a university student, so no one will tell you what time to go to bed. But a regular sleep pattern is one of essential elements of your success. Wake up early in the morning. Even if you don't have a class, wake up early and lay in bed. Adjust to a good sleep pattern.
  • Find out information about the rules of behaving at the University. You can find it in the provided "Student's Guide" or from our website.
  • Learn about student clubs. There will always be a club that interests you. Become a member and join in the activities.

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