Functioning of the Center

Students can contact the Center for a visit by e-mail, telephone, or in person. The first visit involves filling out an intake form is filling out, and an appointment is given for the pre-interview. After a 45–50 minutes pre-interview, a specialist makes an agreement with the student, who signs the consent form. The specialist makes a referral in cases which require different expertise. Making an appointment with the referral is the student's responsibility; the specialist can be informed after a visit.

Important Information Related to PCC Functioning

Meetings conducted in the Psychological Counseling Center are subject to the privacy policy. All information divulged by the student, applied tests, and other information stays private. It will not be entered into academic records. It will not be given to anyone except with the student's consent. Information related to the student is shared with the competent authorities only in cases where the student is a danger to himself or others.

The Center provides information to the person who made the referral related to whether a student came, whether meetings continue, and if and when necessary, makes referrals before giving information at challenging points of academicians.

Employees working in the Psychological Counseling Center are clinical psychologists experienced in the field of working with students.

Meetings are limited to 40–45 minutes.


Işık University's Psychological Counseling Center is an institution under the Rectorship. Its budget is provided by the Rectorship. The Center currently has one part-time and one full-time psychologist.