When should I get help?


We all have difficulties and feel depressed from time to time when facing life's challenges. The situations mentioned below do not reflect your general state and may occur occasionally. If you have multiple symptoms, it may be an indication you need assistance.

Significant changes in academic performance or behavior
  • Showing poor performance in class, having difficulties when listening to lessons
  • Not attending classes, always being late, being reluctant to study and attend classes
  • Attention/memory difficulties
  • Aggressive behavior
  • Not preparing for exams, exam anxiety
  • Getting low grades even if you have prepared for the exam
  • Postponing exam and homework studies
Significant changes in appearance and behavior
  • Significant changes in appearance and behavior
  • Depressed or lethargic, difficulties in waking or sleeping
  • Hyperactivity or talking too fast
  • Continuously red eyes
  • Personal hygiene changes
  • Illegal use or prescription drug abuse
Talking about suicide, self-harm, or death
  • Feelings of helplessness and hopelessness
  • Suicide ideation
  • Desire to get away from friends or family