1. Provide guidance and psychological counseling support to University students.
  2. Facilitate plans for students to solve their own emotional, social, educational, and professional problems.
  3. Render assistance in solving these problems when needed.
  4. Take necessary measures by investigating problem areas which may be created by developmental, social-cultural and other factors and/or prevent the problem and/or help solve the problem.
Fields of Activity
  1. Fix the problems that students face at the University.
  2. Conduct necessary tactics to solve and prevent recurrence of these problems.
  3. If necessary, conduct individual or group activities related to emotional problems experienced by the students.
  4. Plan programs to help new students adapt to the rules of the University, campus life, clubs, social activities and each other; develop these programs within the scope of the orientation program.
  5. Coordinate activities aimed at the development of a sense of belonging.
  6. When necessary, conduct meetings regarding referral cases in order to refer patients to the relevant place (hospital, health units, etc.).
  7. Conduct programs aimed at helping individuals to get to better to know themselves, develop their skills, and establish positive relationships with their environment.
  8. Offer guidance on issues related to career and job selection when needed.