Information You Wanted to Know About PCC


Psychological counseling is a supportive process providing the help of objective professionals, which helps individuals determine their goals regarding personal, social, professional, and academic issues; make decisions; and solve existing problems. Counseling respects human rights in compliance provision issues, giving importance to privacy.

Psychological counseling offers an objective ear, listening to you without judging, providing confidentiality of things spoken inside the room.

Some people visit psychological counselors because they need to be listened to in an objective, supportive, and friendly environment. The psychological counseling process differs from talking to a friend.

People who undergo psychological counseling are those people who understand their responsibility for their lives and themselves and those people who have the courage to make first step in order to solve the problems and difficulties they face.

Change is always not easy. It demands time and effort. A psychological counselor / psychologist is not a person with a magic wand who can solve your problems with a wave of the hand.

One shouldn't expect an advice from a psychologist / psychological counselor during the psychological counseling process. Details about you and your problems are known best only by you, only you can decide the best solution, and only you can implement these solutions/changes in your life. A psychologist / psychological counselor will just accompany you through this process, keeping you on the path you think is best.

People who visit the Psychological Counseling Center are not "crazy." They are only people who want to learn how to overcome the problems they face in their lives in different ways and get professional support in this period.

In the psychological counseling process ,people find a safe environment for verbalizing their feelings, thoughts, dreams, things confusing their minds, and inner troubles. Sometimes verbalization, transferring of all this to somebody may be the shortest path to the solution.

What are the factors which can make psychological counseling process more useful?

Build a friendly, open, and sincere relationship with your psychologist / psychological counselor

Regularly continue your meetings

Outside of your meetings, you should think about and follow things you talked about in the meeting and observe problems you have mentioned (sometimes improving this process provides a change)

Come to sessions prepared – think about problems and meeting issues between sessions

Fulfill assignments given at the end of meetings; share all problems and improvements related to these issues with your psychologist / psychological counselor.