Department of Management

The Department of Management aims to raise managers needed by contemporary enterprises in a global environment. We are aware that graduates will compete in global markets. Thus, we strive for our graduates to understand the internal and external environment of an enterprise, to be able to produce solutions to problems, to make sound decisions, to be able to analyze, plan strategically, develop projects with a global dimension, and to have ethical principles. Our graduates obtain practical skills built on a solid foundation in production, finance, marketing, management and strategy, and foreign trade. This gives them a clear competitive edge.

The curriculum and the composition of the faculty reflect the goals of the Department. A strong theoretical basis is enriched by case studies. The internship process, offered both domestically and internationally on short or long term bases, is simplified and financial support is provided. The curriculum is modified so that our students can participate in projects and competitions, along with exchange programs organized specially within the EU.

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