Career Opportunities and Professional Fields

In recent years standard education, certificates and diplomas have lost their edge in business life. Employers today prefer job candidates who are original, are able to generate ideas, have unique skills, are able to take inititive, skilful, and have a lifelong capacity for learning. The Humanities and Social Sciences (HSS) Department aims to produce graduates with such qualifications.

The HSS program seeks to create a positive atmosphere for its students to foster their courage to follow their own path and fields of specialization, and to develop projects that set them apart from others.

An HSS graduate can become managers and professionals who can evaluate the feasibility of technical solutions, decide on the product range and technology as well as determine marketing strategies. If they specialize they can work in "new product development", "innovation", "knowledge management" and in "marketing" departments.

If an HSS graduate specializes through further study in an area such as human rights law and becomes an expert, they can work for international organizations such as the United Nations, EU Commission, EU Human Rights Court or become a researcher or academic in one of these fields.

If an HSS graduate specializes in "the impact of new technologies on human and environmental health", he/she can work at institutions such as the Ministry of Environment and Health, World Health Organisation, or in many national and international non-governmental organisations as a specialist or manager.

If an HSS graduate can develop and differentiating herself/himself through course selection and further training, can become an artist, art critic or arts manager. This description may include fields such as scenario writing, acting, painting, and writing.

An HSS graduate can also be employed in digital and print media, an in the publishing and communication sectors because she/he is qualified enough to meet the demands of these sectors with their skills of observation, interpretation and synthesis.

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