Laboratories and Research Facilities

Laboratories and Research Facilities

The Department of Psychology is fortunate to have a suite of new research laboratories, which were completed in 2011. These are available for staff and student research projects, and are also used for undergraduate research methods classes.

There are a total of nine laboratories of differing sizes, including a dedicated eye movement and psychophysiological laboratories, and a small-group laboratory for larger, more complex projects.

Experimental Psychology

The laboratories are primarily intended for use in experimental psychology, for example cognitive psychology, experimental social psychology, experimental clinical research, or learning. All laboratories are therefore equipped with PC equipment and CRT monitors (optimum for rapid stimulus presentation).

For stimulus presentation and data collection, all lab PCs have E-Prime 2 Professional. This is the flagship version of the world's most popular experimental psychology software, and is relatively user-friendly. E-Prime is therefore available for use in suitable student research projects in Senior Year. We also have a compatible response box, for use in projects that require very accurate response time data, vocal responses, or very fine control of stimulus presentation times (e.g., that use subliminal presentations).

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