Why Choose the Humanities and Social Sciences Department?


  • The unique and competitive advantage of being a graduate of the first and only undergraduate Humanities and Social Sciences program in Türkiye;
  • The opportunity to choose your concentration according to your interest after the second year;
  • Instead of being limited to a single disciplinary area or occupation, having the chance to acquire training to meet the demands of many different sectors and hence increasing career opportunies,
  • Instead of having to choose only one area of concentration, having a chance to gain knowledge by electing courses from many different disciplines such as philosophy, science, technology, politics, art, anthropology, sociology, psychology and others.,
  • Having the benefits of an inter-disciplinary education, namely an opportunity to synthesize the knowledge acquired from different disciplines,
  • An opportunity to cultivate critical and creative thinking skills to intepret issues in contemporary scientific / technological developments, in cultural processes and the creative arts;
  • broad based culture and accumulation of knowledge, to develop skills on philosophical, creative, analytical and critical thinking,
  • A chance to develop your talents and capacity in creative thinking, innovation and social enterpreneurship, and to generate social and economic value.