Areas of Expertise

Middle East politics, political Islam, extreme right parties, civil-military relations, modernization in the Central Asia, Iran, Islamic bourgeoisie, electoral systems, voting behavior, cyber security, e-government and e-democracy, local democracy, comparative anti-terrorism, Israel -Palestine issue, political participation, democratization, Türkiye-EU relations, Turkish-American relations, feminist policies, Turkish political history, Turkish foreign policy.

Organized Academic Activities

  • "Yeni Ortadoğu: Toplum, Siyaset ve Ekonomi (The New Middle East: Society, Politics and Economy)" conference, March 24-25, 2016.
  • "Suriye Krizi ve Bölgesel Yansımalar (Syrian Crisis and Regional Reflections)" conference, December 2015.
  • Prof. Dr. Michael C. Desch, "Complex Triangle: America, Israel and Türkiye" conference, October 2010.
  • Security Academy of the Association of International Relations Council, June 2010, in collaboration with UİK.
  • Iran in New Era: Domestic and Foreign Policy, December 2007, in cooperation with TİKA..
  • Tour of the 2008 U.S. Presidential Elections, November 2008, four students and 3 faculty members from Işık University with the sponsorship of IEEC.
  • 4. Cultural Studies Symposium, Internal / External / Migration and Culture, September 15-17, 2007, in collaboration with Cultural Studies Association.
  • Congress on Future of Iraq: Political System, Security and Foreign Policy, 1-4 November 2006, in cooperation with the TEPAV and TİKA.
  • Election studies and observation in Georgia, Hungary, Belarus, Iran, USA, Brazil.

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