Campus Life

Campus Life

Located right on the beach of Şile, Istanbul with 490,000 m2 of land, our campus offers everything that you may need.


Our award-winning library on campus houses 71,177 printed publications with an additional 2,902,941 electronic thesis, 724,074 electronic books, 63,484 electronic journals and more in its repertoire.

Health services

With a 24/7 on-campus medical centre we have doctors and nurses ready to help whenever you need.

Sports facilities

When it comes to physical activities our campus is not lacking. With our facilities ranging from football fields, tennis courts, basketball fields, volleyball fields and a Fitness and Sport Centre we have everything you need. If you have competitiveness in your heart check out one of our 19 sport teams.

Student clubs

Looking for something to do? With our 55+ student clubs its almost impossible not to find something you are interested in.


Students are offered multiple accommodation options with both forest and sea views. Along with kitchens and laundry facilities, a supermarket in the centre of the campus will cover all of your daily needs.

Social Centre

Just above the university dining hall is a central gathering place for all students. If you just want a place for you and your friends to hang out, eat or play this is everyone's go to place.

You can take a virtual tour of our campus and dorms right here!

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