Scholarships & Discounts

Scholarships & Discounts

Please see below for the list of scholarships and discounts we have available to Undergraduate Student Applicants:

Merit Scholarship: After finishing one semester at Işık University, students who excel academically can benefit from a merit-based scholarship (up to 100%) according to their academic performance in the first semester.  

IB Scholarship: Students who have an IB diploma score of 30-37 can receive a 30% scholarship for 4 years of tuition at Işık University. Students with IB diploma grades that are 38 or higher can receive a 60% scholarship for 4 years. 

Sibling Discount: Siblings who will be studying at Işık University at the same time, receive a 10% sibling discount for 4 years of tuition (as long as they are both studying at the same time).

Please be informed that these discounts and scholarships only cover Undergraduate Program tuition fees, and do not cover dormitory or meal fees. 

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