Student Life

Student Life


There are available shuttle services to and from the city centers, both the Anatolian and the European sides. Işık University Şile Campus is located alongside the Black Sea Coast at the town of Şile, in the northeast of Istanbul, approximately 60 km from downtown Istanbul. And it exists between a forest and the Black Sea. Şile is a small town, with gorgeous beaches, pristine forests, rich with Cottage and Textile Industries, and famous for summer resorts. Therefore, Işık University is relatively removed from the hectic life-style of Istanbul, yet close enough to participate in any activity that this great historical city of 15 million citizens, has to offer.

For daily commuting, student and personnel shuttle services are available to and from Kadikoy (Anatolian side) and Maslak (European side) several times every day The tickets cost 14.60 TL (about 4 USD) each way.


The fees for dormitories has not been announced for 2019-2020 academic year yet. We will inform you once the dormitory fees for 2019-2020 academic year is announced. The dorm fees will be approximately between 1300 USD – 3250 USD depending on the room type. There will be a deposit payment of 100 USD (500 TL) to secure your place at the dormitory.

Please note that we offer on-campus housing for all students in Sile Campus. We cannot provide on-campus housing for the students who study at Maslak Campus. Students will still be offered accommodation option on our Sile Campus, however they are free to stay off campus if they prefer near Maslak Campus.

You do not need to make a reservation or payment for dorms before coming for registration, as we give priority to international students for dorm stay. You can make your payments and choose your room when you come to Şile Campus for registration. Please also note that official registration will start from 11th June until 4th October 2019. You can come to our Şile Campus to complete your official registration, however the dormitories will be available from 20th of September, which is three days before the academic year starts.

  • Please be aware that the key for the room will be given only after first term payment is done.
  • Annual dorm fees can also be paid in two installments.

Please find below the photos and information of our Orange dorms.


a) Appeal Petition.
b) For Turkish Citizens; a copy of the Turkish ID Card.
c) Student Certificate that shows the student is enrolled in our University.
d) A health report, issued by the physician, stating that the student is convenient to stay in the dorm.
e) 2 passport sized photographs.
f) Criminal and Archive Records (provided in Turkish or English)


Işık University deems extracurricular activities as an inseparable component of university education. This is because extracurricular activities contribute to students' individual, cultural, and social development and enable them to prepare for life after university.

The university aims to create an environment under the umbrella of Clubs and the Student Council that helps students to engage in activities in their own areas of interest, learn how to share, make their own decisions, and develop effective study habits by taking responsibility for others through these extracurricular activities.

Sports Opportunities

Işık University, which believes participation in sports has a positive influence on academic success, attaches importance to the existence of playfields at its campuses, where students are able to engage in wide range of sports activities. Students have the chance to take part in outdoor sports as well as indoor sports, especially at the Şile campus, thanks to its advantageous location.

There are several indoor and outdoor sports facilities students can avail themselves of at Işık University's Şile campus.

Students can play volleyball, basketball, table tennis, billiards, Far East sports, and fitness in these sports facilities. In addition, students can engage in sports activities at artificial pitches, tennis courts, and basketball, volleyball, and beach volley courts.

There is a Fitness Center and a semi-Olympic pool at the Maslak campus in addition to open playfields.

Our Sports Facilities
  • Our fitness center with 424 seat capacity and 5 chaging rooms where it is possible to use as a gym and to do weight and form training,
  • Basketball court,
  • Volleyball court,
  • Tennis court,
  • Football field,
  • Open and closed table tennis areas
  • Billiards Tables
  • Semi Olympic Indoor Pool at Maslak Campus


Residence Permit

Bear in mind that every student had to obtain a student resident permit once they get registered. Below you can find some helpful information regarding student residence permit, yet, be aware that:

  • Students need to visit the Turkish Embassy or a Consulate with the acceptance letter to be received from the University. Though varying from country to country, you might need to acquire student visa which is only valid for a month. Students won't be asked for a student visa during registration as every country has a different implication for student visa. PLEASE double check with the Turkish consulate in your country as soon as you have your document.
  • You must obtain a student residence permit appointment from Provincial Directorates of Migration Management shortly after you enter the country. (Read the details:
  • Students are required to provide certain documents for the residence permit during their appointment. Such as document certifying their registration to the university, health insurance etc…
  • By Turkish Law, a comprehensive health insurance is obligatory for international students to be able to obtain residence permit. If you don't have a valid health insurance at the time of your application to the Provincial Directorates of Migration Management, you will be given 3 months to obtain and submit a copy of the health insurance. If you fail to comply with the Law with regard to health insurance, you may be subject to deportation.
  • Students, who hold a residence permit obtained outside of Istanbul, must transfer their residence files to Istanbul from the relevant city as soon as they complete their registration to the university.
  • Students whose residence permit will expire soon/has already expired must extend their residence permit within 15 days as of its expiry date.
  • Students who lose their residence permit must immediately notify the police department and obtain another one within 15 days.
  • Students who have changed their university and/or residence address must notify the District Police Department as soon as possible. Students, who have been transferred from another university, might need to renew their residence permit.
  • Students who hold a Blue Card are not required to obtain a residence permit.
  • Students who are under age of 18, will have to apply for an official letter of consent from both parents: father and mother, stating their approval to study in Turkey at Işık University. Please make sure to mention our university's name and your major in the letter. They also need to provide their official Birth certificate and its notary translation in English or Turkish.
Health Insurance

International students must have a comprehensive health insurance to get a residence permit.

1. The following students are not required to personally apply for the universal health plan coverage:
a) Students who are already covered by a universal health insurance plan (for instance, through their parents) as long as the health insurance is issued in line with the above-mentioned points. Please make sure that those points are clearly stated in your health insurance plan/agreement.
b) Students who come from countries (please see below) which signed a social security agreement with Turkey, and therefore are entitled to benefit from health services in Turkey according to the legislations of their country, provided that they obtain the "Right to Medical Assistance" document from Social Security Institution (SGK) by presenting the necessary documentation.

2. For students who need to obtain a new health insurance:
As stated above, if you do not have a comprehensive health insurance as explained above, you could
still apply and obtain a residence permit. However, within 3 months after the issuance date of your
residence permit, you are required to submit a valid health insurance

Students who need a new health insurance have two options:
A. You can have a valid health insurance via Social Security Institution (SGK) provided that all the necessary documents are in place at the time of the application
B. You can have a private health insurance in line with the points mentioned above.
- International Office will suggest you a private health insurance company and will guide you to get your health insurance policy.
- Bear in mind that obtaining public health insurance from Social Security Institution is a complicated process and you would need your Foreign ID number for the process. Private health insurance is suggested due to the simplicity for its process.

The limited information given above about Residence permit and Health insurance are subject to change as they are determined by the relevant governmental institution and change very often, almost every year. The University holds no responsibility for any change. This information is given just to make you aware of the importance of residence permit. It is the responsibility of the student to be aware and follow up the regulations and pay necessary cost during the whole process.

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