Logistics Management

Logistics management skills are one of the most needed competencies in global economies. The International Society of Logistics defines logistics as a professional discipline that ensures the successful support of the product throughout its life. From design engineering to manufacturing and materials, packaging and marketing, and distribution and disposition, logistics involves every possible phase of the product support process. The main goal of a logistician is to minimize both public and private operating costs and maximize productivity. Well-trained logisticians must be equipped with both technical skills and basic management skills. For this reason, the international logistics management program is part of the Department of Management. The program provides students with the basics of management such as economics, law, accounting, and principles of management in the first two years. Students then go on to specialize in logistics, starting with an introduction to logistics, and continuing with area courses such as distribution channels and supply chain management, transportation management, logistics planning, retailing, inventory, maintenance and production. Thus we expect that our graduates can work across an entire organization.

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