Why Işık International Logistics Management


The volume of international trade increased to very high levels as a result of globalization and technological developments. This led to an increase in demand for managers and personnel specialized in logistics management, transportation, and supply chain management. Consequently logisticians at every level commanded a larger salary. The Işık University International Logistics Management Program was established in the Department of Management to meet the increasing demand for logisticians. One of the superior features of this program is the synergy it creates within the International Trade Program, one of the most successful programs in the Faculty. The program aims to give students a practical education with case studies on a good theoretical basis. The teaching staff is composed of experienced high level practitioners of logistics as well as academicians. Since logistics requires a lot of practical experience, students are encouraged to participate in an internship. The University Career Office give students assistance for internship and employment. The program with its structure and content provide graduates with good job opportunities. We hope that our graduates gaining competence with an international dimension in supply chain management, transportation, and customs management start with an important advantage in the labor market.