Why Işık Management

Why Işık Management

The Işık Management Program aims to raise managers needed by contemporary enterprises for global competitiveness. With this objective in mind, the Department has an academically distinguished faculty which is up to date with current developments, well connected with the business community, and holds strong international ties.

The Program encourages students to become part of the national and international business world at every level. Domestic and international internships (Erasmus Work Placement) are offered as elective courses.

Each year at least ten students participate in international projects. One of the projects is MARKSIM (Developing Employability Skills and Exchanging Management Skills in a Simulated European Business Environment) where students working in teams convert theory into practice in a simulated European business environment.

The scope of available areas for Işık Management graduates is very large. They can find managerial positions in every industry and enterprise, domestic or international. The Career Office proactively assists students and graduates to find internship and jobs by bringing students and prospective employers together through career days, seminar and talks, and company visits.

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