Clinical Psychology (Thesis / Non-Thesis Master– Turkish)

Clinical Psychology (Thesis / Non-Thesis Master– Turkish)

The Objective of the Program

It is aimed that clinical psychologists who take master's degree from our program should have knowledge and skill about following objects:

  • Psychopathological evaluation
  • Psychotherapeutic relationship and clinical interview techniques
  • Using scientifically approved psychotherapy approaches applying psychotherapeutically intervention
  • Following, interpretation and criticize researches in the field of psychology
  • Research methods

In accordance with the requirements of recent legislation, students will be coached/trained in psychotherapy under intensive/extensive supervision, and their academic backgrounds will be reinforced with research/scientific projects in a fashion/form of a thesis or a master's project in addition to their theoretical courses.

The Structure of the Program

Proposed Clinical Psychology Graduate Program contains thesis and non-thesis modules. Students, who want to continue their education with a PhD in clinical psychology, should choose thesis module. Besides, the service areas of a clinical psychologist can vary from one another and these differences require specializations. Therefore, our Clinical Psychology Graduate Program includes different fields of clinical psychology focused on two sub-branches such as adult and child-adolescent.

First year of the program consist of intensive theoretical education and second year consist of applied internship and also thesis/project studies. Clinical internship is carried out at cooperated hospitals and therapy centers for 8 hours per week under intensive supervision. This practice is an opportunity to gain experience in psychological assessment and psychotherapy skills for Clinical Psychology graduate students. Thus, it is aimed that students who are specialist candidate in clinical psychology have received the opportunity that scientifically supported approaches (cognitive, cognitive / behavioral, behavioral, etc.) convert the application.
The language of education is Turkish.

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