Occupational Profiles of Earned Qualifications and Graduates

Occupational Profiles of Earned Qualifications and Graduates

Earned Qualification

Students who successfully complete this program receive, CLINICAL PSYCHOLOGY (Turkish, Thesis / Non-Thesis) degree in the field (Master of Arts).

Level of Earned Qualification

Clinical Psychology Thesis / Non-Thesis Turkish Masters Program

TYYÇ: 7. Level QF-EHEA: 2. Level EQF-LLL: 7. Level
Required total number of credits to get Clinical Psychology Thesis / Non-Thesis Master's degree

The program consists of four semesters, it can be completed as thesis / non-thesis .31 credit hours of course work, a non-credit seminar courses, application-oriented internships and master degree thesis must have successfully completed for graduate (92 ECTS).31 credit hours of thesis course work, practical training and a masters degree thesis are required to have successfully completed for graduate from the program for projects (91 ECTS).

Occupational Profiles of Graduates

Clinical psychology is a branch which concerned with the diagnosis and treatment of mental illness.Clinical psychologists can work in their private offices, mental health unit, health services service, hospitals, schools, universities, legal systems, medical systems, counseling centers, government departments, and military services.

Transition to a Higher Degree

Students who have graduated from Clinical Psychology Thesis Master's Program are able to apply to the doctoral program.

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