Course Descriptions

Course Code Course Name Credit
IR 500 Graduate Seminar (Lisanüstü Seminer) (0+1+0)1
Series of seminars which will be given by the students, instructors and guest speakers in order to introduce major topics of international relations.
IR 503 Theories of International Relations (Uluslararası İlişkiler Kuramları) (3+0+0)3
Various theories of international relations to understand the swiftly changing world politics. Idealism, realism, neo-realism and neo-liberalism, The English School, Social Constructivism, Marxism, Critical Theory, feminism, post-modernism.
IR 505 Social Science Research Methods (Sosyal Bilimlerde Araştırma Yöntemleri) (3+0+0)3
Examination of major social science research methods. Theory, hypotheses and paradigms. Epistemology. Research Design. Qualitative and quantitative research methods. Deduction and Induction. Survey Research. Experimental method. Qualitative field research.
IR 508 Turkish Foreign Policy (Türk Dış Politikası) (3+0+0)3
Historical evolution of Turkish foreign policy since the foundation of the Republic. Domestic and international factors that shape Turkish foreign policy.
IR 510 Concepts and Frameworks in Security Studies (Güvenlik Araştırmalarında Kavramlar ve Çerçeveler) (3+0+0)3
Security as one of the basic facts of human kind. Study of the security issues in different levels of analysis. Threats, perceptions, and risks as the building blocks of the concept of security. The increasing importance of security studies in the changing world dynamics. The concepts and backgrounds of security studies from strategy studies to food security.
IR 530 International Organizations (Uluslararası Örgütler) (3+0+0)3
Theories of international cooperation. Evolution, structures, and functions of international organizations. Their success and failure in world politics.
IR 531 Current Issues in International Relations (Uluslararası İlişkilerde Güncel Sorunlar) (3+0+0)3
Major issues in international politics such as terrorism, development, human rights, climate change, ethnic conflict, and weapons proliferation. Contemporary debates surrounding these issues within the context of globalization.
IR 532 Conflict Resolution and Management (Çatışma Çözümü ve Yönetimi) (3+0+0)3
The assessment of conflict resolution and management within a theoretical and practical framework from an interdisciplinary perspective. The analysis of the challenges and conditions in achieving a peaceful world. Addressing the sources and processes of social conflict and assessing the methods by which these conflicts can be resolved.
IR 535 Terrorism in World Politics (Dünya Siyasetinde Terörizm) (3+0+0)3
Concept of terrorism and its historical evolution. Causes of terrorism. Analysis of different terrorist groups. Strategies to fight against terrorism.
IR 537 Peace and War Studies (Barış ve Savaş Çalışmaları) (3+0+0)3
The significance of conflict and social turmoil in world politics. The rise of ethnic and religious conflicts in addition to inter-state conflicts among nations. Analysis of the sources of social conflict. Exploration of non-violent resolution of such conflicts through problem-centered, multicultural, and interdisciplinary approaches.
IR 539 History of the International System (Uluslararası Sistemin Tarihi) (3+0+0)3
The history of international relations in the process of the emergence of states. The shaping of the current international system in the last few centuries. Examining the impact of major concepts of international system on the emergence of new theoretical frameworks within a historical perspective.
IR 540 Turkish-American Relations (Türk-Amerikan İlişkileri) (3+0+0)3
The historical transformation of Turkish-American relations since the Cold War era. The general structure and development of Turkish-American relations during the Cold War era. The impact of the "New World Order" on Turkish-American relations in the post-Cold War era. First Gulf War, Kurdish, Northern Iraq, Kurdish and PKK problems, September 11th events, the US "War on Terror" and the 2003 invasion of Iraq. Current developments in Turkish- American relations during the Obama Administration.
IR 545 Current Issues in Turkish Politics (Türkiye Siyasetinde Güncel Konular) (3+0+0)3
Political, constitutional and administrative systems in Türkiye. Social cleavages and party politics in Türkiye. Secular-religious and center-periphery cleavages. Civil-military relations in Türkiye. The political culture of Turkish society. Voting behavior in Türkiye.
IR 546 Türkiye-European Union Relations (Türkiye-Avrupa Birliği İlişkileri) (3+0+0)3
The historical dimension of EU-Türkiye relations. The legal process of membership application. EU's impact on Türkiye's democratization. Copenhagen Criteria and harmonization with Union's acquis. The arguments for and against Türkiye's EU membership. Selected topics related to issues like Cyprus, democratization, human rights and foreign policy.
IR 550 International Political Economy (Uluslararası Politik Ekonomi) (3+0+0)3
Intersection of international politics and economics. Important economic issues in the global world context. The roles of state institutions in the development of the international political economy. Openness of international markets, factors that shape economic policies, causes and consequences of economic globalization, the role of multinational companies in the international political economy, states' strategies to increase their power and wealth in the new international world order, the impact of the global market upon state policies, the inequalities in the international political-economic system and their impact on national development alternatives and strategies.
IR 552 Comparative Politics (Karşılaştırmalı Siyaset) (3+0+0)3
Comparative analysis of political systems from economic, institutionalist, and social theoretical perspectives. Study of various topics including globalization, democratization, authoritarianism, economic development and crises, political radicalization and moderation, civil war and peace processes, revolutions and regime changes with the theoretical methodological approaches of comparative politics.
IR 553 International Social Movements (Uluslararası Sosyal Hareketler) (3+0+0)3
The role of social movements in bringing about social change in the context of globalism. Identity movements in the West since 1960s. Particular focus on the recent development of a global civil society which also includes Third World Countries. Anti-authoritarian, anti –globalist, trade unionist and pro-social justice movements in the developing countries.
IR 560 Middle East in World Politics (Dünya Siyasetinde Ortadoğu) (3+0+0)3
Efforts of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) states to adapt to the globalizing world. States' efforts in the MENA region to adapt to and cope with the changes in the global market and international system, rising religious movements, and continuing armed conflicts. Relations among states, business associations, civil society organizations, opposition groups and international organizations. Specific topics that include economic reforms, democratization and democracy promotion, regional integration, energy, corruption, and trafficking.
IR 580 Term Project (Dönem Projesi) Non-Credit
A comprehensive or in-depth study of a selected topic in international politics with the advisory guidance of a faculty member.
IR 581-589 Special Topics in International Relations (Uluslararası İlişkilerde Özel Konular) (3+0+0)3
Closer analysis of contemporary political processes and/or historically significant topics in the study of international systems and world politics.
IR 590 Graduate Thesis (Yüksek Lisans Tezi)
In-depth study of an issue of international relations under the supervision of an instructor.

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