Course Descriptions

Course Code Course Name Credit
MAN 500 Graduate Seminar (Yüksek Lisans Semineri) (0+1+0) Non-Credit
Graduate Seminar
MAN 501 Contemporary Management (Çağdaş Yönetim) (3+0+0) 3
Developing contemporary management techniques in a competitive business environment. Shifting paradigms in management. Fundamentals of learning organizations. Change management. Organizational goal setting. Planning. Teamwork applications, managerial strategy formulations.
MAN 502 Research Methods for Management (İşletme Yönetimi İçin Araştırma Yöntemleri) (3+0+0) 3
Using research methods in managerial decision making processes. Formulating the research question and hypotheses. Sampling, data collection procedures; experimental design; measurement. Incorporation of statistical methods into data analysis.
MAN 503 Strategic Marketing Management (Stratejik Pazarlama Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
The process of establishing and implementing marketing strategy. Employing the basic concepts of marketing management and procedures in a strategic framework.
MAN 504 Financial Analysis and Tools for Managers (Yöneticiler İçin Finansal Analiz ve Araçları) (3+0+0) 3
Explanation of financial concepts. Time value of money; accounting principles; interpreting financial statements; break-even analysis; risk analysis; investment criteria; cash flow analysis.
MAN 505 Accounting for Managers (Yöneticiler icin Muhasebe ) (3+0+0) 3
Principal concepts of financial and cost accounting; tools and means of incorporating the accounting information into the managerial decision process.
MAN 507 Ethics, Corporate Governance and Sustainability (Etik, Kurumsal Yönetim ve Sürdürülebilirlik ) (3+0+0) 3
Concepts and theories of work and business ethics; analysis of ethics. Stakeholder management. Leadership based on ethics. Corporate culture; corporate prestige management; social responsibilities of management.
MAN 509 Economics for Management (Yönetim Ekonomisi) (3+0+0) 3
Understanding the nature of the economic problems; supply and demand; consumer choice; firm theory, production and cost; perfect competition; monopoly; market equilibrium and pricing; macroeconomic principles; fiscal policies; monetary policies; balance of payments; exchange rates.
MAN 512 Management Information Systems and Decision Making (Yönetim Bilişim Sistemleri ve Karar Verme) (3+0+0) 3
Analysis of how information systems may be used to solve problems in managerial decisions; identifying and describing the components of an information system for managerial decision making. Developing an understanding of databases; database manipulation; data reporting.
MAN 514 International Management (Uluslararası Yönetim) (3+0+0) 3
Analysis of international competition; international markets. Cross-cultural relations and change. Application of managerial tools in a global context; cross cultural communication. Ethical issues.
MAN 516 New Trends in Human Resources Management (İnsan Kaynakları Yönetiminde Yeni Akımlar) (3+0+0) 3
The changing paradigms in the strategic role of human resources. Career management; in-house training. Employee-employer relations in a dynamic global environment.
MAN 518 Production and Operations Management (Üretim Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Manufacturing planning; capacity planning; quality management; linear programming; estimation and decision theories; advanced decision making theories.
MAN 522 Strategic Brand Management (Stratejik Marka Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Management of successful brands under virtual conditions through a computer simulation framework; branding decisions under competitive pressures with computer simulations.
MAN 524 Competitive Marketing Strategies (Rekabetçi Pazarlama Stratejileri) (3+0+0) 3
Anticipating the competitors' moves during the managerial planning stage. Internal analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the firm against its competitors. Managerial decisions under competitive marketing environment; anticipating and responding to potential competitive actions within the global marketing environment.
MAN 526 Personal Selling and Sales Management (Birebir Satış ve Satış Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Personal sales, promotion, using body language throughout the sales process, developing sales strategies.
MAN 528 Industrial and Services Marketing (Endüstriyel ve Servis Pazarlama) (3+0+0) 3
Interrelations between suppliers and manufacturers to attain the end-users' level of satisfaction. Applications of business marketing concepts.
MAN 532 International Finance and Banking (Uluslararası Finans ve Bankacılık) (3+0+0) 3
International financial markets and institutions; basic concepts of international money and finance theories; international institutions such as IMF, World Bank and OECD; Basel standards and credit rating systems; role and functions of Turkish banking in the international banking system; types of international credits used by Turkish banks.
MAN 534 Portfolio Theory and Analysis (Portföy Kuramı ve Çözümlemesi) (3+0+0) 3
Optimal portfolio selection; risk and return tradeoff; market efficiency; statistical/quantitative characterizations of asset markets; active and passive portfolio management; asset allocation.
MAN 536 Financial Statement Analysis (Mali Tablolar Analizi) (3+0+0) 3
Sources of financial information; ratio analysis; profitability analysis; liquidity; solvency; financial flexibility; accounting analysis; financial risk assessment; forecasting methods and pro forma financial information.
MAN 538 Investment Valuation and Analysis (Yatırım Değerleme ve Analiz) (3+0+0) 3
Relative valuation; market multiples; impact of inflation on market multiples; discounted cash flow analysis; entity approach; weighted average cost of capital method; adjusted present value method; equity approach; option pricing applications.
MAN541 New Product Development and Design (Yeni Ürün Geliştirme ve Tasarımı) (3+0+0) 3
Fundamental steps in successful new product development from creative ideas to manufacturing. Analysis of alternative new product strategies. A feasible new product development process; step-by-step analysis from concept testing to design. Market research and launching the new product.
MAN543 Leadership and Team Management (Liderlik ve Takım Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Leadership skills in managing technology and innovation. Effective contributions of a leader in an organization. Developing leadership orientation. Critical leadership issues and skills to coordinate team members.
MAN544 Project Management (Proje Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Project selection. Role of project manager. Project organization, planning, budgeting and cost estimation. Scheduling, resource allocation, monitoring and tracking projects using information systems. Project control, audit and termination. Project leadership, conflict resolution and communication skills, risk analysis and problem solving in team-based projects.
MAN545 R&D Management (Ar-Ge Yönetimi) (3+0+0) 3
Functions of R&D in technology generation. Methods of R&D strategy and planning. Techniques of valuing, selecting, organizing and implementing R&D projects. National and international R&D systems and policies. Techniques of organizing R&D labs. Managing R&D employees and productivity. Government - business sector - university collaboration in R&D. Evaluation of R&D performance.
MAN546 Entrepreneurship : Business Creation and Development (Girişimcilik: İş Kurma ve Geliştirme) (3+0+0) 3
Definition of entrepreneurship. Myths and facts about entrepreneurs: common individual characteristics. Recognizing and assessment of opportunities and generating ideas. Assessment of resources, competencies, strengths and weaknesses. Assessment of macro environment. Developing and writing a business plan. Team building. Financing the venture and analysis of financial viability. Ethical and legal foundations. Marketing plan. Assessment and management of risks and uncertainty. Understanding the barriers for entrepreneurs.
MAN 580 Term Project (Dönem Projesi) Non-Credit
In depth study of a topic of management issues by Executive MBA students in the non-thesis program under the guidance of a faculty member.
MAN 581-589 Special Topics in Management (İşletme Yönetiminde Özel Konular) (3+0+0) 3
Study of special topics in business administration.
MAN 590 Master's Thesis (Yüksek Lisans Tezi) Non-Credit
Master's Thesis

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