Visiual Communication Design Master Program (Thesis/Non-Thesis -TR)

Visiual Communication Design Master Program (Thesis/Non-Thesis -TR)

Head of the Program

Fulltime Academic Staff

        Parttime Academic Staff

  • Assoc. Prof. Barış Atiker – Beykent University Graphic Design Dept. 
  • Asst.Prof. Doğan Arslan – Medeniyet University Communication Design Dept. 
  • Asst.Prof.Birnur Karatimur Çutsay – Marmara University Cinema and TV Dept.  
  • Asst. Prof. Çetin Tüker – Mimar Sinan University Graphic design Dept.  

As business life progresses, the need for communication designers increases. In every aspect of work and private life the practises of communication design are effective. Visual Communication Design is a new Master's Programme at the Department of Visual Communications Design. The programme aims to train candidates who wish to design creative works in academic and work life as well as those who hope to better themselves in theoretical knowledge and follow design ideas around the world. The students of  Visual Communication Design Master's Programme learn to investigate visual problems and design with an aesthetic approach. The graduates of Visual Communication Design  Master's Programme can pursue careers in academies and also they can find job opportunities in advertisement agencies, desktop publishing, photography and multimedia.

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