General Instructions

Industrial Training Periods

  • Industrial trainings can only be done during academic holidays. Trainings carried out on Saturdays, Sundays and any official holiday do not count towards the required training period.
  • Only the students on hold can perform their industrial training during the academic year, with the condition that they work for at least 3 full days (days with no scholar activity, including any course, application, or other academic exercise) per week.
  • Students enrolled in summer school can perform industrial training provided they satisfy the same condition stated above.

Industrial Corporations / Foundations

  • Students are not allowed to do more than one training at the same corporation.
  • Industrial training is considered to be a trial of business life. The review process of your application for internship is very similar to a first job application. Therefore, please pay attention to your review process.

For Application

  • After selecting the corporation where the student intends to do his/ her industrial training, "Industrial Training Application Form" should be filled out by the student and signed by the corporation. The form must be submitted by the end of May.
  • Instead of the "Industrial Training Application Form", a letter from the corporation indicating that the student may do his/her industrial training at that company can be used. The letter should be printed on company letterhead and must be signed.
  • The industrial training may start only after the department approves the proposed corporation for the industrial training. Without approval of the department, the training will not be official.
  • Students may use fax to send the form in time. The original copy of the form must be handed as soon as possible.

Before and During Training

  • Intern student will be given an "Industrial Training Evaluation Form". After the final exams of the spring term, the student may start training
  • It is highly recommended that the students prepare their report during the training period, to get it signed by the company official, together with their evaluation form.

After Training

  • After the training, the "Industrial Training Evaluation Form" must be filled out and signed by an authorized person in the corporation, placed in a closed envelope and sent to the industrial training officer in the department. The industrial training report must be written in accordance with the regulations and approved by the corporation. Finally, the report should be received by the department secretary within in one month of the beginning of the fall term.
  • The reports may be written in Turkish or English, but not both at the same time.
  • The reports not submitted by the deadline, or not adhering to the regulations will be accepted for evaluation solely at the discretion of the Dean's office.

Expected Benefit of Industrial Training

  • Many corporations don't allow any outsiders into the work place, not even guests. This is the privilege of industrial training. It allows the trainees to experience the work environment, learn to take some responsibility, observe several work techniques and apply some of them.
  • The real-life problems encountered during training often make novel and timely B.S. project topics.
  • Some managers and/or supervisors may offer a job to the interns, after having a chance to evaluate their personal skills, and work habits.

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