Industrial Training Report Preparation Guidelines


Required Format

  • The report should be printed on 210 X 297 mm A4 size paper.
  • The report should contain at least 20 pages. All of the tables and figures should be prepared on computer. Advanced figures prepared manually, if needed, should be given as appendix.
  • All figures, tables and pages should be numbered. The figures and tables should be placed as close to their citations in the text as possible.
  • The label of each figure or tables should be written directly below the corresponding figure or table.
  • The first page of the report should contain the student's name, surname, ID number and department.
  • The report can be written either in Turkish or English, but not both.
  • The report should be delivered in hardcover.

Sections of the report
The reports should include the following:

  • Cover page: See the required format above.
  • Company information and approval page: The name of the company, address, the name of the department, the dates of internship. This page should be signed and sealed by the authorized officer.
  • Weekly work plan: The main objectives of weekly studies. Every weekly study objective should be signed and sealed.
  • Index: Index of each section titles.
  • Abstract: Introductory information about the training report. Maximum one page.
  • Company information: Introduction of the company where the training is held, its organizational structure, activity areas, departments, employee information, production activities, marketing and product information.
  • Report: Your work and experiences.
  • Conclusion: Summary of experiences.
  • Appendix: Additional materials if necessary.