English Prep Programme (PREP)

English Prep Programme (PREP)


1. Based on their English language levels, prep students are able to pursue their education in an English-medium university by the end of the academic year.

2. Prep students acquire the necessary academic skills such as intensive reading and analysing, note-taking in classes delivered in English, using the course content in their own writing and / or presentation. 


1. Competence in the English language at B1+ level according to the CEFR

2. Comprehending and analysing English texts about professional, educational and daily life provided that they are written clearly

3. Note-taking in classes delivered in English and prioritising the important points in their own notes

4. Expressing themselves about topics related to professional, educational and daily life fluently and in such a way that the other party can follow the ideas without much difficulty

5. Delivering short presentations about topics of expertise and / or interest and participating in in-classes discussions about these topics

The English Prep Programme is designed according to the Common European Framework of Reference (CEFR) in order to maintain compatibility with the degree programmes in the university that are in compliance with the Bologna Process

The English Prep Programme includes the following courses that are offered in three different levels that are called tracks:

Core Language Development (Core):This course aims to develop academic language abilities through integrated language focus and practice.

Skills Development: Reading and Writing and Listening and Speaking courses train students in the academic skills which they will need when they enter their degree programmes.

Implementation of Courses: The Prep Programme has 3 tracks that are formed according to students' level of English (determined by the Placement Test). Once placed in a track, students continue studying in the same track for the entire year. The syllabi are delivered in 4 modules in 28 weeks, with an average of 26 contact hours a week. 

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