Journals Database

Journals Database

Academic Search Ultimate
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The world's most comprehensive multidisciplinary database, Academic Search Ultimate is the leading database of the most valuable peer-reviewed full-text journals in the social sciences and humanities, as well as science, technology, engineering and more.

Annual Reviews
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As of 2021, it publishes 51 journals of review articles and Knowable Magazine, covering the fields of life, biomedical, physical, and social sciences.

Applied Science & Business Periodicals Retrospective: 1913-1983 (H.W. Wilson)
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It is one of the main indexes in the field of life sciences and economic administrative sciences, indexing more than 2,000 publications published in the period 1913-1983. With more than 4.5 million records, the database includes publications of primary importance in environmental engineering, economics, electrical and electronic engineering, energy resources and research, finance, aerospace, industrial engineering, communications and information technology, occupational health and safety, chemicals and pharmaceuticals, mining engineering, accounting, nuclear energy and engineering, automotive engineering, marketing and sales, mergers and acquisitions, transportation, international trade and publishing, and many more.

ASCE Library
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ASCE Library is an online full-text civil engineering database providing the contents of peer-reviewed journals, proceedings, e-books, and standards published by the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Business Source Ultimate
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Compiled for the Faculties of Economics and Administrative Sciences, Business Administration and Management Sciences, Business Source Ultimate is a complete research tool with the world's most comprehensive full-text journal content as well as many different document types. Business Source databases are among the primary consultation resources of the world's most important universities such as Harvard, Standford, Wharton, MIT, Oxford, Cambridge, London School of Economics. Some of the topics covered are: Banking, labor economics, econometrics, economics, finance, economic development, economics, economic policy, economic theory, business and business management, financial economics, financial theory, accounting, marketing, international economics, production management, management information systems, management and organization, etc.

Cambridge Journals
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Cambridge Journals Online offers access to a multi-disciplinary collection of over 320 leading journals covering subjects including science and technology, medicine, and the humanities and social sciences.

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Management, economy, computer science, engineering, library & information.

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ERIC (the Education Resource Information Center) is the primary database for educational sciences literature and the first source of consultation for all researchers working in this field. This database provides access to journals included in the Current Index of Journals in Education and Resources in Education Index. With more than 1.9 million records from 1966 to the present, ERIC contains more than 590,000 full-text links to the document.

European Views of the Americas: 1493 to 1750
This collection dates back to 1750, from 32,000 in America, written in Europe.

This new bibliographic database is a valuable index for libraries, scholars and individuals interested in European works that relate to the Americas. EBSCO Publishing, in cooperation with the John Carter Brown Library, has created this resource from "European Americana: A Chronological Guide to Works Printed In Europe Relating to The Americas, 1493-1750," the authoritative bibliography that is well-known and respected by scholars worldwide. The database contains more than 32,000 entries and is a comprehensive guide to printed records about the Americas written in Europe before 1750.

Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1984 (H.W. Wilson)
Accessibility to more than 1.300.000 articles, including 1100 magazines. He also made a book review of around 240,000 people.

Humanities & Social Sciences Index Retrospective™: 1907-1984 offers a broad range of subject coverage in the humanities and social sciences with high-quality indexing of more than 1,300,000 articles in nearly 1,100 periodicals, dating as far back as 1907, as well as citations of over 240,000 book reviews.

IEEE / IEE Electronic Library (IEL) - IEEE Standards
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Electrical Engineering, computer science, electronics and telecommunications.

Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) Journals Complete Collection
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It includes the magazine collection of IET, one of the world's leading engineering institutions, on Physics, Automation, Mechanics, Electrical-Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering, Energy Engineering, Telecommunication, Radar & Sonar & Navigation technologies and Robotics since 2013.

IOP (Institute of Physics) Electronic Journals
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Physical Science

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Full-text articles published on journals in various disciplines. Beginning from the first volumes of the journals through today.

MasterFILE Complete
The collection of up to 3000 full-text reference books contains more than 502,000 visual collections.

Designed specifically for public libraries, this multidisciplinary database provides over 2,300 full-text journals dating back to 1922, in addition to over 1,000 reference books, 55,000 primary source documents, and over 2 million images (photographs, maps, flags).

Nature Publishing Group
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One of the highest level of scientific journals.

Newspaper Source Plus
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Providing full-text content for major news around the world, this database contains millions of records from newspapers, news bulletins and news magazines. In addition, it includes transcripts of television and radio news and daily information from popular news sources.

International publishing is a database containing a large number of prestigious newspapers.

EBSCO's Newswires provides near real-time access to top world-wide news from Associated Press, United Press International, PR Newswire, Xinhua, CNN Wire, and Business Wire on a continuous basis. This content is monitored by EBSCO and relevant results are provided when users enter searches in EBSCOhost. This collection includes AP Financial News, AP Top News, AP WorldStream, AP U.S. Politics & Government, AP 50 State Reports, UPI Security Industry, UPI Emerging Threats, UPI Business, UPI Entertainment, UPI Sports, UPI Top News, Arabia 2000, and more. End users can immediately access the full text of the web content, by following the link in the record. The index to the full text content in EBSCO Newswires is held for a rolling 30-day archive by EBSCO, so users can enjoy the previous 30 days of news relating to their search interests.

This database contains doctoral theses from the most distinguished schools in the world, especially in America.

OpenDissertations is an open-access database built to assist researchers in locating both historic and contemporary dissertations and theses. Created with the generous support of the H.W. Wilson Foundation and the Congregational Library & Archives in Boston, it incorporates EBSCO's previously released American Doctoral Dissertations, and features additional dissertation metadata contributed by select colleges and universities from around the world. Providing researchers with citations to graduate research across a span of time, from the early 20th century to the present, this database will continue to grow through regular updates and new partnerships with graduate degree-granting institutions.

Oxford Journals Online
Oxford Journals contains 306 full-text journals in the field of finance, economy, mathematics, communication, law, history, political science, sociology and other social sciences.
Regional Business News
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Complementary to Business Source Ultimate, this database offers full text from more than 100 local business publications, primarily from the United States and Canada. With over 20 years of coverage, Regional Business News includes news from The Washington Post, PR Newswire US and other major sources.

SAGE Journals
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Provides full-text access to journals published by SAGE in the fields of social sciences and humanities, materials science and engineering, health sciences, and life sciences.

Science Direct
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Provides accession to the full-texts of the journals about science.

Social Sciences Index Retrospective: 1907-1983 (H.W. Wilson)
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Social Sciences Index Retrospective™: 1907-1983 offers the ability to search a wide range of important journals in the social sciences dating as far back as 1907. With its extraordinary breadth and depth, this database indexes approximately 1,000,000 articles, including book reviews.

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Springer's platform SpringerLink, provides access to over 8 million research documents. SpringerLink is a primary resource destination for all academic researchers and students. The platform provides a better user experience, which facilitates finding your content easier and faster.
Taylor & Francis
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Taylor & Francis ebook collection.

Taylor & Francis eJournals
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It provides access to more than 2700 journals in the natural and life sciences, health sciences, social sciences, behavioral sciences, education, arts and humanities.

ULAKBİM Ulusal Veri Tabanları (UVT) - ULAKBIM Turkish National Databases
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Provides unlimited access to national databases.
Web News
This database contains an average of 14,000 web news content updated in real time on various topics.

EBSCO's Web News provides near real-time access to thousands of top news feeds from around the globe. This collection includes over 14,000 feeds covering a range of business and general news topics. End users can immediately access the full text of the web content, by following the link in the record.

Web of Science (SCIE, SSCI, AHCI, ESCI, CPCI, BCI)
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Wiley Online Library
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Wiley is the international scientific, technical, medical, and scholarly publishing business of John Wiley & Sons, with strengths in every major academic and professional field and partnerships with many of the world's leading societies. Wiley publishes nearly 1,500 peer-review journals and over 1,500 new books annually in print and online, as well as databases, major reference works and laboratory protocols.

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