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ITEC1001 İngilizce Computer Literacy IT101 / IT105 Introduction to Computing (0+0+2) 1 1
Tanım: Introduction to Basic IT Theory and Terminology. Basic Skills in a Word Processor Programs, such as MS Word to Create Documents. Format Text. Apply Styles. Basic Skills in a Spreadsheet Program, such as MS Excel, to Create and Format Spreadsheets, Including the Use of Mathematical Formulas and to Summarize Given Data in the Form of Graphics.
ITEC2202 İngilizce Data Structures and Algorithms IT202 / IT235 / IT250 Data Structures and Algorithms (3+1+2) 4 7
Tanım: Pseudocode. The Abstract Data Type. Model for and Abstract Data Type. Generic Code for Abstract Data Type. Algorithm Efficiency. Big O Notation. Arrays. Stacks and Queues. Linked Lists. Trees. Binary Search Tree. Sorting. Hashing. Heap Structures. Graphs. Search Structures. Algorithm Analysis. Complexity. Parallel Algorithms. File Organization.
ITEC3304 İngilizce Operating Systems IT304 Operating Systems (3+0+2) 4 7
Tanım: Classification and Structure of Operating Systems. Storage Media Memory Management and Dynamic Storage Strategies. Scheduling Algorithms. I/O and Interrupt Structures. Protection and Security. Queuing and Network Control Models. System Software: Linkers, Loaders, Assemblers, Translators and Programming Environments. Case Studies of Operating Systems and Implementation of Operating System Modules.
ITEC4433 İngilizce Data Warehousing and Data Mining IT433 Data warehousing and data mining (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Basic Methods and Techniques of Data Mining. Relationship Between Databases. Data Warehouses and Data Mining. Data Mining Functionalities: Association, Concept Description, Classification, Prediction and Clustering. Various Algorithms for each Type of Functionality such as Decision Tree Classification, Artificial Neural Networks, Bayesian Classification, Logistic Regression, K-means Clustering. Applications and Trends in Data Mining.
MISY1101 İngilizce Java for Information Management MIS101 Java for information management (2+0+2) 3 7
Tanım: History of Programming Languages. Programming Paradigms. Solving Problems. Fundamental Programming Concepts. Integrated Development Environments. Compiling. Running. Debugging. Syntax. Semantics. Variables. Expressions. Assignments. Selections. Loops. Computer Structures and Algorithms. The Components of Java. Memory Management in Java. Control Statements: Selection Statements. Repetition Statements. Fundamental Data Structures: Arrays. Methods. Data Structures in Java. Implementing Algorithms in Java. Strings in Java.
MISY1102 İngilizce Advanced Java for Information Management MIS102 / IT313 Advanced Java for Information Management (2+0+2) 3 7
Tanım: Complexity of Software Development. Important Models used in Software Engineering. Introduction to Object-Oriented Fundamentals. Objects. Classes. Constructor. Destructor. Garbage Collector. Static Variables. Constants. Methods. Visibility. Scope. this Operator. Abstraction. Encapsulation. Thinking in Objects. Inheritance. Superclass. Subclass. Overriding. Overloading. Polymorphism. Casting. Binding. Interfaces. Abstract Classes. Comparable and Clonable Interfaces. Exception Handling. Advanced Algorithms and Data Structures. Algorithm Efficiency. Enterprise Application Development. Database Programming. Multithreading. Parallel Programming.
MISY1106 İngilizce Database Systems and Applications IT201 / MIS106 Database Systems (2+0+2) 3 6
Tanım: Database System Concepts and Architecture. ER Model: entities, relationships, keys. Relational model. Mapping a Conceptual Design into a Logical Design. Basic SQL. Complex SQL. Database management systems. Data storage and management. Data model requirements such as security, integrity and reliability. Database design. Preparation of database design document. Lab assignments. Database design and implementation project.
MISY1108 İngilizce Computer Networks and Applications IT205 / IT407 / MIS108 Fundamentals of Computer Networks (3+0+0) 3 7
Tanım: Fundamentals of Computer Networks. Data, Data Communication and Their Protocols. Internet and Applications. OSI Reference Model & TCP/IP Reference Model. HTTP Protocol & FTP Protocol. SMTP & DNS Protocol. Transport Layer: TCP Protocol. TCP Protocol & UDP Protocol. Network Layer: IP Protocol. Network Layer: ICMP Protocol. Routing Algorithms. Data Link Layer.
MISY1111 İngilizce Fundamentals of Information Systems MIS111 / MIS221 Fundamentals of information systems (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Information Systems in Global Business Today. Global E-Business and Collaboration. IT Infrastructure and Emerging Technologies. Foundations of Business Intelligence: Databases and Information Management. Securing Information Systems. Achieving Operational Excellence and Customer Intimacy. E-Commerce : Digital Markets, Digital Goods. Managing Knowledge. Enhancing Decision Making. Building IS. Managing Global Systems. Ethical and Social Issues in IS.
MISY1112 İngilizce Mathematics for Management Information Systems (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Proofs. Propositions. Predicates. Axioms. Proof by cases. Proof by contradiction. Well ordering principle. Logical Formulas. The SAT problem. Predicate formulas. Mathematical Data Types. Sets. Sequences. Functions. Binary relations. Finite cardinality. Induction. State Machines. Recursive Data Types. Infinite Sets. Number Theory. Divisibility. The greatest common divisor. Prime numbers. The fundamental theorem of arithmetic. Alan Turing.
MISY1113 İngilizce Introduction to Algorithms (3+0+0) 3 7
Tanım: Problem Solving and Programming Skills. Computational Thinking. Abstracting. Analyzing Problems and Artifacts. Decomposition. Pattern Recognition. Flowcharts. Basic Data Types. Variables. Pseudocode. Control Structures: The Sequence Structure. Decision Structure. Making Choices. Logical Structures: Compound Logical Operators. Repetition Structures. Loops. Algorithm Design. Examples.
MISY1114 İngilizce Introduction to Programming (2+0+2) 3 7
Tanım: Fundamentals and Overview of C Language. History of C. Hello World. Basic Structure of C Programming. Tokens. Keywords. Identifiers. Format Specifiers. Data Types. Variables. Constants. Operators. Enums. Decision Making. Loops. Control Flow Statements. Arrays. Strings. Functions. Pointers. Structures. Unions. Command Line Arguments.
ITEC2204 İngilizce Logic Design IT204 / IT240 Logic Design (3+0+0) 3 8
Tanım: Introduction to Digital Systems. Boolean Algebra & Logic Gates. Combinational Circuits. Combinational Circuits & Circuit Optimization. Sequential Circuits. Synchronous Sequential Circuits. Registers, Counters. Memory Unit and PLA's. Algorithmic State Machines. Register Transfer Level Specification and Microperations. Digital System Design.
MISY2213 İngilizce Web Design and Programming IT210 / IT213 / MIS213 Internet and Web Programming (2+0+2) 3 6
Tanım: Introduction to computers and internet. HTML basics. HTML tables and forms. HTML5 elements. Introduction to CSS. CSS concepts. Introduction to JS. JS control structures. JS loops. JS functions. Client – side application design and development. Related technologies such as HTML, HTML5, Javascript, and CSS. Lab assignments and projects.
MISY2224 İngilizce Information Systems Analysis and Design IT306 / MIS224 Information systems analysis and design (2+0+2) 3 6
Tanım: The World of the Information Systems Analyst. Approaches to System Development. Modeling System Requirements. The Traditional Approach to Requirements. The Object-Oriented Approach to Requirements. Elements of System Design. The Traditional Approach to Design. Object-Oriented Design. Contemporary conceptual modeling tools and languages for information systems. Systematic methodology for analyzing a business problem and specifying the requirements for the information systems. Lab assignments and projects.
MISY2234 İngilizce Business Process Engineering MIS234 / MIS334 Business process engineering (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Business Process. Business Process Modeling. Analysis, Design, and Implementation Issues of Business Processes in Managerial and Modeling Contexts. Business Transformation, Business and IT Alignment. Methods, Tools and Techniques for Business Process Engineering. Modeling Languages and Standards. Relating Enterprise Information Architecture to Business Processes. Projects.
MISY2291 İngilizce Industrial Training I IT290 / IT200 / MIS290 Industrial Training (3+0+0) 3 1
Tanım: Reporting of Professional Knowledge and Skills After Practical Training in a Workplace.
ITEC2301 İngilizce Management Information Systems IT301 Management Information Systems (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Information Systems and You. Business Process and Decision Making. Productivity, Innovation, and Strategy. Database and Content Management. Decision Making and Business Intelligence. Competitive Advantage and Business Processes. Hardware and Software. The Cloud. Social Networking, Ecommerce, and the Web. Acquiring Information Systems Through Projects. Structure, Governance, and Ethics. Managing Information Security and Privacy.
ITEC2305 İngilizce Computer Organization IT305 Computer Organization (3+1+0) 3 5
Tanım: Basic Computer Hardware Layout. Command Sets and Applications. Addressing Techniques. ALU, Hardware and Microprogram Controllers. Memory Unit. Input / Output Structures and Interrupt Management. Improvements on the Von Neumann Machine. Data Structures. Assembly Language.
MISY3106 İngilizce Advanced Database Systems IT491 Advanced Database Systems (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Fundamentals of Relational Databases. Data Layout. Buffer Systems. File Management. Indexing Techniques (Tree-Based and Hashing). Query Processing Methodology. Implementation of Relational Operators. External Sorting. Query Optimization. Transaction Models. Concurrency Control Algorithms. Database Recovery.
MISY3210 İngilizce Advanced Web Applications Development (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: The overriding objective of the course is to provide with exposure to the theory and practice of web programming with C# programming language using ASP.NET MVC framework. Furthermore, this course aims to enable students design and develop web-based applications for business using contemporary design pattern called MVC (Model-View-Controller). The general web programming concepts will be introduced in the first weeks of the course and then in the following weeks, the advanced topics of ASP.NET MVC will be discussed.
MISY3220 İngilizce Data-Driven Applications Development (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: The goal of this course is to provide students with the knowledge and skills that are required to develop data-driven interactive multi-user applications using ADO.NET, ADO.NET Entity Framework, and XML Web Services.
ITEC3320 İngilizce Principles of Programming Languages IT320 Principles of Programming Languages (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Foundations. The Imperative Paradigm: C Programming Language. Language Processing Systems: Scanning, Parsing, Formal Languages, Static Semantics. The Low-level Paradigm: Model Assembly Language. Life Cycle, Naming, Scope. The Functional Paradigm: The Haskell Language, Lambda Calculus. Dynamic Semantics. Type Systems. The Logic Paradigm: The Prolog Language. Advanced Object-Oriented. Scripting Languages: Shells and Javascript.
MISY3307 İngilizce Information Security Management MIS307 Information Security Management (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Information Security Concepts and Models. Security Policies and Security Requirements. Threats and Attacks. Security Policy and Risk Management. Access Control and Security Control. Cryptographic Techniques and Algorithms. Database Security. Case Studies.
MISY3323 İngilizce Agile Software Development IT323 / MIS323 / IT488 Contemporary Software Development (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Traditional Software Development Methodologies. Requirement Specification and Testing. Scrum – Introduction, Scrum Framework, Agile Principles, Sprints, Requirements, Product Backlog, Technical Depth, Roles, Planning, Sprinting. Comparison of Scrum with other Agile Methodologies. Software process models and improvement. Agile methods. Application architecture design. Rapid software development. Verification and validation. Emerging approaches and technologies; aspect oriented, model-driven, service-oriented software engineering. Case studies.
MISY3324 İngilizce Enterprise Architecture MIS324 Enterprise Architecture (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Orginization, Selection, Application and Management of Corporate Information Technologies. Approaches and Strategies for Information Infrastructure and Data Architecture. Architectural Strategy, Modeling and Adaptation Issues. Good Practices and Case Studies. Applications.
MISY3325 İngilizce Strategy, Management and Acquisition of IS MIS325 Strategy, management and acquisition of IS (3+0+0) 3 7
Tanım: IT Governance vs. IT Management. IT Strategy and Business Strategy. Alignment of IT and Business Strategy. A senior management perspective in exploring the acquisition, development and implementation of plans and policies to achieve efficient and effective information systems. IS strategic alignment. IS plan, infrastructure management. IS/IT governance frameworks, methodologies, best practices. Applications.
MISY3391 İngilizce Industrial Training II IT300 / IT390 / MIS390 Industrial Training (3+0+0) 3 1
Tanım: Reporting of Professional Knowledge and Skills After Practical Training in a Workplace.
ITEC3421 İngilizce Current Issues in Information Systems Analysis and Design IT421 Current Issues in Information Systems Analysis and Design (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Object-Oriented System Analysis and Design Methodology. Agile Methods in Software Development (Xtreme Programming). Advanced Database Concepts. XML. Data Warehouse and Data Mining, User Interface Design.
ITEC3423 İngilizce Human Computer Interaction IT423 Human Computer Interaction (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Principles of Human Computer Interaction. Elements of Interactive Computer Systems, windows and Input Devices. Window Systems and Conversation Management. Conversation Design in Interactive Systems. Psychological, Physiological, Linguistic and Perceptual Factors. Advantages and Disadvantages of Various Interaction Techniques. Command Language Syntax and Data Presentation. Design Methodology and Its Main Points.
ITEC3424 İngilizce Information Systems Administration and Operations IT424 Information Systems Administration and Operations (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: System Management. Information Management and Security. Database Management. User Support. Electronic Data Processing Department Management.
ITEC3425 İngilizce Multimedia Systems and Applications IT425 Multimedia Systems and Applications (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Introduction to Multimedia. Integration of Sound, Image and Text. Multimedia Tools and Development Environments. Applications to Education, Tourism, Culture and Computer Arts.
ITEC3482 İngilizce Software Testing and Quality Assurance MIS482 Software Testing and Quality Assurance (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Basic Topics of Software Testing, Risk Management, Debugging, Test Definition, Verification, Proof, Quality Assurance. Dynamic Testing with Static Testing. Black Box Test, White Box Test and Gray Area Test. Test Levels. Test Types. Functional and Non-Functional Tests. Software Performance Testing. Usability Testing. Security Basics and Security Tests. Globalization and Localization. "V" Concept in Test Processes. Automatic and Non-Automatic Tests and Automatic Test Tools. Monitoring, Inspection and Documentation in the Testing Process. Creating a Test Scenario and Planning the Test Process. Test Economy. SAP, Web Services, Data Warehouse and Mobile Application Tests. Test Documents and Reports.
MISY3483 İngilizce R&D Project Development MIS483 R&D Project Development (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Innovation and R&D Concepts. Phases of an R&D Project. Phase 1: Generating R&D Project Ideas – From Idea to Project. Phase 2: R&D Project Description. Phase 3: R&D Project Proposal. Phase 4: R&D Project Presentation and Evaluation, Negotiation and Evaluation by Referees. Phase 5: Execution of R&D Projects. Entrepreneurship Opportunities in Türkiye and in the World. Review of R&D Project Phases. Projects. Presentations.
ITEC3485 İngilizce Mobile Application Development Using Java IT485 Mobile Application Development Using Java (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Introduction to Wireless Technology. Wireless Devices and Wireless Program Development Infrastructure. Java Technology that can be Used in Wireless Devices. MIDlets. Configurations. Profiles. Graphic User Interface and Graphic Programming. Event and Event Management. Screen and Canvas Based Applications Development. Game Writing. Database Programming.
ITEC3492 İngilizce Information Storage and Management IT492 Information Storage and Management (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: The Concepts Needed in the Field of Information Storage and Management Technologies. Storage Systems. Storage Network Technologies. Virtualization Technologies. Business Continuity and Storage Security. A Student who has Successfully Completed this Course is Expected to Understand and Visualize the Working Mechanism of Frequently Used Storage Systems and Their Underlying Protocols, the Pros and Cons of Different Storage Technologies. The Importance of Information Availability and the Importance of Data Security to Protect Data.
MISY3870 İngilizce Special Topics (Introduction to Python Programming) (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: This course aims to introduce concept of programming in computation. At the end of this course, students learn essentials of programming using Python language and gain skills in analyzing some fundamental problems and solving relevant algorithms. Bu ders hesaplamada programlama kavramını tanıtmayı amaçlamaktadır.
MISY3871 İngilizce Special Topics (Advanced Python Programming) (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Overview of scripting languages. Study of Python language in depth. Discussion of supported libraries. Applications to system administration, graphics output, network communications, GUI design, and other fields, at the instructor's discretion.
MISY3875 İngilizce Special Topics (Introduction to Computer Vision) (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Introduction to course and computer vision. Introduction to OpenCV. Basic image operations. Mathematical operations on images. Image annotation. Binary image processing. Image enhancement and filtering. Advanced image processing and computational geometry. Geometric transforms and image features. Image segmentation and recognition. Projects and applications.
ITEC4235 İngilizce Server Side Programming IT235 Server Side Programming (3+0+2) 4 7
Tanım: Apache, IIS, MySQL, PHP ve J2EE Uygulama Sunucularının kurulumları, yapılandırılmaları ve temel yönetimleri. PHP, ASP.Net ve C#'ın temelleri. PHP ve ASP.Net'in sık kullanılan kitaplıkları. İstemci istek işlemesi, dinamik içerik yaratımı, HTTP cevap üstlüğü ayarlanması, veritabanı tümlenmesi, PHP ve ASP.Net kullanarak istemci tarafı ısrarlı depolamalarına ulaşım. Servlet temelleri, Form Verileri, HTTP İstek Üstlükleri, HTTP Durum Kodları, HTTP Cevap Üstlükleri, JSP temelleri. Bu dersten once alinmasi tavsiye edilen dersler: : IT201 ve IT213
ITEC4307 İngilizce Information Security IT307 Information Security (3+1+0) 3 7
Tanım: Cryptography. Network Security. Systems, Software & Web Security. Testing for Vulnerabilities. Regulations. Trusted Computing. Access Control, Authorization, and Multi-Level Security. Privacy.
MISY4361 İngilizce Software Product Management MIS361 Software Product Management (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Purposes of Software Product Management. Software Product Management Process. Product Life Cycle. Version Life Cycle. Software Product Management Organization. Business and Marketing Strategies. Prioritization. Product Plan, Productization and Publishing of the Product, Release Management. Product Documentation. Applications in Companies.
ITEC4411 İngilizce Object-Oriented Software Development IT411 Object-Oriented Software Development (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Object-Oriented Programming Concepts. Analysis and Design. Unified Modeling Language. Object-Oriented Languages and Environments. Visual Programming. Rapid Application Development. Recommended Courses to be Taken Before this Course: MISY1101, MISY1102.
ITEC4431 İngilizce Business Data Analysis IT431 Business Data Analysis (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Statistical Methods and Business Data Analysis. Software Tools for Analysis. Case Studies and Applications in Various Business Environments.
ITEC4432 İngilizce Medical Informatics IT432 Medical Informatics (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: The Human Body as a Machine. Physiological Systems. The Latest State of Diagnostic Techniques and Related Measuring Devices. New Technologies in Patient Care and Treatment. Computers in Medicine: Clinical Data, Health-Related Databases. Electronic Patient Data, Telemedicine, Telehealth. Moral Values in Medical Informatics.
MISY4461 İngilizce Internet of Things MIS461 Internet of Things (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Introduction to Internet of Things. Smart Connectivity. Use Cases and Application Requirements. Smart Appliances. Smart Health. Smart Home and Building. Smart Cities. Smart Clothing and Wearable Technologies. Smart Energy. Smart Shopping. Smart Cars. Smart Factory. Smart Businesses. Impact of Internet of Things to our Life. Applications in Companies.
MISY4481 İngilizce Cloud Computing MIS481 Cloud Computing (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Definition and Historical Development of Cloud Computing. Basic Cloud Service Models. Software as a Service. Platform as a Service. Infrastructure as a Service. Data Center as a Service. Technologies that Create Cloud Computing. Virtualization. Cloud Security. Basic Cloud Architectures. Advanced Cloud Architectures and Private Cloud Architectures. Cloud Service Models. Cloud Economy. Cost Metrics and Pricing Models. Service Quality Metrics and Service Agreements. Fundamentals of Big Data. Big Data Analytics and Big Data Management. Big Data Processing. Big Data Resource Management and Storage.
MISY4482 İngilizce Customer Relationship Management Systems IT482 Müşteri İlişkileri Yönetimi Sistemleri (Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Systems) (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Basic principles of Customer Relationship Management, understanding customer differences, collecting customer data, customer loyalty, customer retention, winback and acquisition strategies, sales force automation and automated customer service centers, the basics of data mining, and issues for implementing CRM systems.
ITEC4483 İngilizce Advanced Server Side Programming-JSP IT483 Advanced Server Side Programming-JSP (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Fundamentals of Web-Based Programming. CGI Programming. Servlets. Beans. JSP. Tags. Custom Tags. JSF, Security Elements in Web-Based Programming.
ITEC4484 İngilizce Advanced Java Programming IT484 Advanced Java Programming (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: Advanced Elements in Programming with Java. Java Special Cases. Java Packages. Javadoc. UML. Legacy. Social Programming. Interfaces. Java Applications. Graphical User Interface (GKA) and Graphic Programming. Event and Event Management. Web Services. Database Programming. Parallel Programming. Network Programming.
MISY4485 İngilizce Social Network Analysis MIS485 Social Network Analysis (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Fundamental Concepts and History of Social Media. Defining and Studying Social Media. Social Data Discovery. Individuals and Networks. Forming Relationships and Community Through Social Media. Characterizing Social Network Structure. Node Centralities and Ranking on Social Network. Measuring and Visualizing Social Networks. Similarities and Differences in Social Networks. Patterns in Social Networks. Social Media Mining. Benefits of Social Media for Business. Applications in Companies. Projects. Presentations.
MISY4486 İngilizce Geographical Information Systems (3+0+0) 3 5
Tanım: This Course will Introduce the Fundamentals of Geographical Information Systems (GIS) and Their Applications. Topics Include GIS Functionality, Basics of Mapping, GIS in Everyday Life, Spatial Data, Spatial Analysis, and Real-World Usage of GIS. This Course Aims to Provide an Understanding of the Basic Concepts and Uses of GIS Technology and Corresponding Concepts.
ITEC4489 İngilizce Routing Protocols and Concepts IT489 Routing Protocols and Concepts (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Introduction to Routing and Packet Transmission: Components of the Router and Configuration of the Router using Cisco IOS. Creating the Routing Table. Router's Direction Determination and Switching Features. Static Routing. Introduction and Classification of Dynamic Routing Protocols: Metrics and Administrative Distance. Distance Vector Routing Protocols: RIPv1 and RIPv2. Variable Length Subnet Masking and CIDR. EIGRP Operation and Configuration. Link State Routing Protocols: Running and Configuring OSPFv2.
MISY4901 İngilizce Project IT490 / MIS490 Project (0+0+6) 3 10
Tanım: Design and Development of a Project for a Management Information Systems Problem under the Supervision of an Academic Advisor. Submission of the Results in the Form of a Project Report and Oral Presentation.
MISY4483 İngilizce Enterprise Resource Planning (3+0+0) 3 6
Tanım: Foundations for Understanding ERP Systems. Business Processes and ERP. Introduction to Accounting. Procurement Process Tools and Demos. Procurement Process. Fulfillment Process Tools and Demos. Fulfillment Process. Production Process Tools and Demos. Material Planning Process. Material Planning Process Tools and Demos. Inventory and Warehouse Management Processes. Planning, Design, and Implementation of ERP Systems. Process Integration, Managing an ERP Project. Student Seminar/Project Presentations.

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